Chapter 1663 Protecting her Career

William returns to work where Beto was waiting for him in the office. Beto is still worried about his sister getting into trouble and the Freire family's desire to kill her.

“Hello, Beto! Did something happen?"

“Not yet, but it will happen if Vera continues to meddle in the life of the Freire family.” Beto leans back in his chair, “I stopped by my father's building just to find Mrs. Freire with her husband's revolver hidden in her purse.”

William is surprised, “If it was hidden, how did you know?”

“It's just that she told me naturally as if it were the most normal thing in the world to kill disaffected people.” Beto rubs his hands over his face to ward off anxiety.

“So, how did our boss react to my nomination?” William wanted to change the subject, “My parents already want to barbecue in celebration.”

“Ask your father to save the filet steak for now.”

Beto's serious tone set William on alert, “I... didn't get the promotion, did I?”

Beto looks at William pityingly, “I'm sorry, Will, bu
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