Chapter 1662 I Just Wanted to Kill Her

William goes to his parents' house to tell them the good news. The radio is on and the song “Se a Vida É”, by Pet Shop Boys, cheers up those present.

“Mom, Dad... I will be nominated as the next manager of Ramos supermarket! Isn't that cool?”

Dora gapes, then asks, “Will! Is this really true? How did you become a candidate?”

Simeon swells with pride, “Oh dear, our son has worked hard and hard, and now he will be rewarded!”

"Ah, son, embrace your old mother!" Dora gets emotional.

William wants to correct the 'old mother', but he notices how silvery both Dora's and Simeon's hair is. Yes, time is passing...

He was fifteen years old when Melissa met Josias and the Campos family's life began to change. Now he's thirty-one and has a fourteen-year-old son!

William breaks the hug and comments, “It's time for me to start saving money to leave Caio as a legacy. We already have the house here in Green Park.”

“Son, you know that Caio has a space at Rocha Constructions.” Simeon sits in the armchai
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