The Undisputed Hudson Stewart

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The Undisputed Hudson Stewart

By: Berry Julie CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Hudson Stewart was just an ordinary delivery guy who was bullied, despised and made fun of by his college Mate's. When the college bully used the identity of the woman Hudson loved so much to set him up, Hudson Stewart could swear he almost committed suicide that night but someone had stopped him with a single statement that changed everything. "Young Master, Your Father wants You Back Home -- You are his right Heir." Now, It was Hudson's time to rewrite his story because soon , he became "The Undisputed Hudson Stewart" and everyone that made fun of him shall bow to his feet.

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135 chapters
01 : The Delivery Boy > Hudson Jackson
The sizzling sound of hot oil on the gas cooker filled the kitchen, the voices of people followed next while they were busy with one thing or the other Twenty-six year old Hudson Jackson sat idly on a stool in front of a counter that had nothing on it, his elbow was rested on it, with his palm beneath his chin, his dark curly hair falling over his face. The view of what was going on in the kitchen was beginning to get blurry, he was losing the fight to keep his eyelids open, they were becoming heavier every second. “Hudson!” He jolted out of the stool immediately, turning to the direction where the voice came from and it was the manager standing in the doorway with his hands held behind his back, everyone turned for a brief moment and turned back to what they were initially doing.It is an unspoken rule that you must not sleep in the kitchen or rather the manager must not catch you sleeping in the kitchen or it’s over for you, which might be the last day you will ever work there a
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02 : The College Crush > Alexis
The next day after his encounter with the bully, Hudson branched over to his favorite coffee shop, which he always does before going to work every day. He pushed the huge double door open and walked in, there was a bell attached to the door, so it made a jiggle sound after it was pushed open. “Hey Mister Jackson” the lad behind the counter called with a wave of his hand and a smile on his face. Hudson responded with a smile on his face and walked over to him, “Give me the usual Latte” he said. “Already prepared exactly the way you like it sir” he said and pushed the coffee to him, while Hudson dug his hands in his pocket and brought out the money to pay him with a little tip on it. “Thank you sir” he said with another smile plastered on his face. “Some people came looking for you this morning sir and I have no idea about who they are” he added while pointing right behind him. Hudson followed his finger and shock registered on his face immediately as he saw the last person he eve
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03 : The College Bully > Ethan
Hudson was holed up in his house, he couldn’t get to work on time because he was treating himself, he didn’t want to show up with a face covered up with bruises and a broken nose. Hudson had to get himself treated in the hospital and his bruises was covered up so it doesn't get infected. Hudson hated he had to go through all these. He was advised to take a break for the day but He was already on his bike, driving back to his workplace. He parked his bike in front of the building that had the brand name of the pizza he usually deliver, boldly written in front of it.He pushed the door open and walked into the kitchen, he greeted everybody and they replied him. He was heading to another door that led to their dressing room to put on his work clothes but was stopped mid-way by one of the workers in the kitchen, who was also a fellow delivery guy like him.“Hey Hudson” he called. “Huh” Hudson, he turned his head back with a blank expression on his face. “Um…” it was like he lost his
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04 : Bullied >>
The ticking sound of the wall clock, the chiming of the alarm filled the room, Hudson laid on the bed with his back, his eyes glued on the ceiling, he laid there unmoving, his eyes were red and swollen to show that he had been crying for a while, and his pillow was a bit soaked with tears, he groaned and stood up with a deep sigh. Now fired from his only job, Hudson had been holed up in his house treating the injuries that he sustained from the bullies and crying his eyes out almost every passing second, barely eating. He picked up his phone and turned it on, looking at the time and date on his lock screen , he locked it back and dropped it on the bed, falling down back with his back to the bed.A small smile appeared on his lips, he have heard word of the school get together for his set which was approaching rapidly, it was around the corner, just in two days’ time, he only heard word of it, he was never invited and he even have no plans of attending, after all, there was no benefi
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05 : Young Master > Let's get you home
Hudson let out a very loud scream as he felt the cold and painful liquid being poured on him from the crown of his head downwards, he was drenched, he couldn't tell what the liquid is, the room was dark, he couldn't tell who his tormentors are but he had a guess, he knew who it might be. "Please let me out, I beg of you!" he yelled out pleadingly, looking around the dark room, he couldn't see anything, he couldn't even locate his way out of the room. "Please I am begging you, I will do anything you want, just let me out!" he cried out. Silence enveloped the room immediately, the footsteps, light chuckles and muffled laughter that he was once hearing had ceased, this scared him the more. Suddenly one of the people in the room burst into laughter and then another followed. The light was turned on and Hudson raised his head looking at who they were.He swallowed hard with difficulty, it was as if there was a lump in his throat.Ethan had an angry expression plastered on his face, he
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06 : Young Master
Hudson's eyes flickered open and then he closed it sharply back almost immediately, due to the bright light reflecting in his eyes, he opened it back slowly to get adjusted to the bright light in the room. He opened his eyes to see a white ceiling, he tilted his head and looked around the room, wondering where he was. There was a calendar hung on the wall beside him. “Sunday?” he muttered after seeing the day, wondering how he got here, he furrowed his eyebrows thinking harder, he remembered jumping into the water., He saw wires and needles connected to his body, he pulled them out and stood off the bed he was lying on, walking towards the door as fast as his staggering legs could carry him., he pushed the door open and stepped out but he was stopped by two men on suit, they looked like they have been guarding the room. He wasHudson looked at them with a confused expression on his face. “Sorry young master, we can’t allow you out, your father ordered us not to” one of them said
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07 : Ethan's Doom
Hudson opened his mouth in awe as he stepped out of the car, he had felt that the man was rich but not as rich as what he was seeing now. He gulped in hardly, his throat making a sound as the saliva traveled down his throat with a bit of difficulty, he stared at the gigantic building and the beautiful garden that was in front, he looked to his side and saw the garage filled with luxury cars."What the f*ck" he muttered under his breath, staring around the whole compound, amazed by what he was seeing, never in his life had he thought that he would ever see something like this. "Yeah I know, it isn't unusual for the first time, they would soon mean nothing to you" the old man said. "Huh?" Hudson turned back, he heard the old man say something but it wasn't really clear to him. He chuckled, shook his head and cleared his throat, "Nothing son, this way" he said clearly and pointed the way that leads straight to the entrance of the house"Oh, sorry" Hudson muttered, he had been mesmer
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08 : Take your hands Off!
Hudson had gone back with Alexandros and Alberto to get his things from his old house but they both kicked against it after seeing what was there. They had called it trash and bought new things to put in his new room and new clothes also. Hudson clapped his hand to shake off the dust on it, he stood with his hands placed on his waist, staring at the room with a smile of satisfaction showing how pleased he is plastered on his face, he had decorated as he wanted. His gaze moved around the wall, his eyes stopped on the portrait photo of his mother that was hung on the wall, apparently she had taken the photo when she was young, far before she gave birth to him. He remembered always hearing her talk about how that photo meant so much to her because it reminds her of the person that gave it to, she always says it with a smile on her face. The memories appeared vividly in his head. He shook his head and stepped out of the room, the apartment he once lived in, can never be compared
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09 : Slapped in the face
The loud screeching sound of the tires of a car after the brake was applied forcefully filled the air. Alexis stepped out of her black Mercedes Benz, she took off her sunglasses and climbed the stairs, heading to the apartment she was told he lived in. The clicking sound of her heels hitting, climbing the staircase one step at a time, slowly till she got to the old wooden door, she looked around, the paint was starting to peel off and there are large cracks on the wall. She folded her fist lightly and knocked on the door, she got no response, and she did it again and again till she was convinced that no one was at home. She climbed back down with a slightly worried look on her face, pursing her lips a flat line, she had been wandering around all day to look for his house and now that she eventually did, he is not at home. She let out a tired sigh and walked to the closest apartment she saw next. She knocked on the door twice and stood back, with her hands held behind her, w
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10 : One Option
"You did what?!" Ethan's father stormed in angrily. Ethan stood up in surprise, "I don't understand what you mean" he said. "What don't you understand? Don't tell me you do not know what the f*** I am talking about here!" "I am serious, I don't understand, I don't know what you are talking about, how the f*** am I expected to know what you are talk—“ Ethan’s father right hand punch connected with Ethan’s cheek, it was too quick for him to react, with lightning speed he felt fist hitting his cheek strongly. He held his cheek in shock as he felt the stinging pain of the place where his father’s strong punch just hit. A look of shock just came over his face immediately as he registered his father was saying, he remembered the scene of what happened a few hours ago before his father came home.“Fuck!” he muttered silently, rubbing the place slowly. “It seems like you are gunning after my ruins you son of a b****!” he yelled angrily and threw another punch at him, Ethan couldn’t dod
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