Chapter 1668 Street Saleswoman

After the exams, Dr. Silvana is elated. Melissa captures her good mood.

“Doctor... By your face...”

“Congratulations, Melissa! You are indeed pregnant! How is it that the morning sickness still hasn't set in?”

“They'll probably show up now.” Melissa stands up, “Oh Lord, I'm expecting a baby from Kelvin Mountain!”

“Congratulations, Melissa.” Silvana squeezes her hand, “Your hubby is handsome and healthy, I hope the good genes pass on to your son or daughter.”

“God hear you, doctor! And thank you so much for everything!”

Dr. Silvana holds out the brown envelope to her. Melissa hugs the doctor, barely holding on with happiness, and says goodbye already with tears in her eyes.


At Crystal Blue, the conversation remains tense between Daryl and Kelvin.

“Daryl, stop calling Josias's other sons 'bastards'.”

“Am I telling a lie?” Daryl counters with a sarcastic smile, “They were born out of holy matrimony. One of them caused the divorce, and Melissa suffered greatly from it. Glad she met
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