Chapter 1667 Setting Boundaries

Monday. Melissa is early morning at Dr. Silvana's. She was supposed to make an appointment, but Melissa still maintains her status as the powerful and sovereign Diva of Lagoon City.

That's why Silvana didn't complain about messing up her schedule and promptly answered Melissa, “Come in, Melissa, come in!”

“You look like you have patients to see at the front desk,” Melissa responds humbly.

“They can wait. One of them might ask for your autograph.” Silvana giggles.

Melissa sits up and lowers her head, “Autograph for what? I am no longer Mrs. Rocha."

“But still with power and sovereignty, my dear.” Silvana corrects her, “Did someone complain that you got in the front?”

Melissa remembers that no. On the contrary, the pregnant women who were nearby lowered their heads and walked away as if Melissa were Empress Sissi.

Silvana continues to speak, “Anyway, you're here because you want to know if you're pregnant, huh? Let's do the exams now!”

Melissa is excited by Silvana's good mood, “Kelvin
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