Chapter 1669 Solving Problems with Josias

Tuesday. Maggie is instructing the nanny on how to take care of Henrique.

“Any more questions, Cleide?”

“No, ma'am.” Cleide nods with a helpful smile.

“Great, here's my phone in case you need it. I'll be back at lunchtime for you to eat and rest.”

Maggie hands Henrique over to her. Henrique is already big and walking, but the ladies insist on picking him up.

“Whoa! How heavy he is!” Cleide jokes.

“Time passes. I'm getting old.” Maggie responds between giggles.

“Imagine how I am!” Bernardo approaches, “I hope to be able to witness the graduation of my heir.”

“You will surely witness this.” Cleide says, “And the college will be journalism.”

“Better journalism than traveling sales,” Bernardo grumbles.

Maggie is embarrassed by the comment, “Ehr... That's all, Cleide, thank you.”

Cleide leaves with Henrique after Maggie kisses her son on the cheek.

“No need to spoil the mood by commenting on the street vendor.”

“Do you want us to have a meeting condemning her presence?” Bernardo worries.

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