Chapter 1680 What We Are Allowed to See

Ernesto enters Josias's office. Our hero is standing and facing the horizon.

“Sir, here is yesterday's paper. Glad it wasn't thrown away.”

Josias turns to the secretary and picks up the newspaper. He flips through the politics section and finds the photo.

The news item reads, “Lagoon City mayoral candidate Tobias Ibrahim welcomed industrialist Renan Vasconcelos to talk about his support for the candidacy. Vasconcelos is famous for its tradition in the textile industry. Rumors circulate that Mr. Vasconcelos intends to open one of its factories in the city if Tobias Ibrahim wins the election.”

“Something wrong with that, sir?” Ernesto asks when he sees Josias's somber face.

Josias folds the newspaper and hands it back to the secretary, “No. Apparently, everything is back to normal. But it's like my dad said: we're seeing what's to be seen.”

Ernesto has goosebumps listening to his boss. Is Josias learning to be cold and calculating with the Bento brothers?


Vera is very stressed, n
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