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Nicholas has always been a man with nothing to make him feel proud except for his marriage until one day when he catches his wife cheating and she heartlessly divorces him. The world cruelly turned its back on him because he was poor but at the time Nicholas felt like he was at his lowest, his life takes an unbelievable turn for the better and he is now a man with the wealth of the world at the tip of his fingers

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The rain was pouring heavily at this part of Brooklyn with people running left and right, trying to dodge from its splashes. Others had umbrellas with them but still went to a corner to avoid the cold.Nicholas however, had a target and he was almost done. Delivering goods for people was his part-time job and he was nearly done for that day. "I'm so drenched and tired," he muttered to himself as he brought the motorcycle's engine dead and stepped down.A huge man in a gruff voice was the last customer and he quickly brought out his package. The man was in front of a hotel."Hello sir, here's your package." He said to the man, handing him a brown cartoon. "Look at you fool! It's raining heavily and you still wet all my goods!" He yelled at Nicholas."Sir, I'm sorry but the box isn't ruined at all. I've kept it inside the rain proof bag." He was showing the man the bag but he tore it to pieces and stepped on it."How dare a low delivery man like you speak back to me! I will report you
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As Nicholas went out, he smacked his lips bitterly and shook his head in disappointment. Maya was supposed to be that only woman that was loyal. And now, she could do that to him? To betray him like that?He was out, not even knowing where to go. His phone rang and he picked it up to see it was his friend, Mal. "Hey dude, what's up. Wait, did she like the gift??" Mal asked immediately. He knew of Nicholas' plan to surprise his wife.Nicholas shook his head, "I'm...it didn't work out." He managed to say. "We're divorced now. It's a long story, man, she even kicked me out of the house." Nicholas said feeling ashamed."What? How could she? Where will you sleep now? I think that is more important firstly." Mal said.A half smile worked its way over to Nicholas face. At least he had friends who cared about him. "Maybe you can head back to work. The place is open all day so you wouldn't mind sleeping there for the night." Mal said.Nicholas shrugged. "You know how my boss is. I doubt he w
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Nicholas was taken aback. He had not expected that man in his expensive attire, living in such a big mansion, to respect him in that manner.That was when he paused to take a look at the men who had abducted him. Though two of them, but strong and mighty they were. Their bodies were built just to intimidate and they were putting on dark suits and shoes and glasses, like spies from movies he used to watch."Young master, please come with me." The older man said again. Nicholas turned to face him again, still shocked. "Who are you? Who is this young master you're always speaking of?" He said."Please come inside. Our boss wants to see you. I am sure you would be delighted to see him too." The man said. A warm smile rested on his face and Nicholas frowned.Did he really even have a choice? He followed the man inside and was even more wowed.The entrance led to a grand hall with brilliant lighting and fine decors. Then he was led to the living room, and Nicholas began to doubt whether h
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Nicholas rolled his eyes upon seeing the lady before him. Tania Edward, Maya's best friend who hated him with everything.Tania wanted her best friend to end things with her from the moment she had laid eyes on Nicholas, so he too was not fond of her."Tania, that is none of your concern." Nicholas shot her a warning glance which of course, she ignored and pressed on."Haha! Of course this man is poor and doesn't belong here." She was talking to the waiter now, making her voice loud so people would begin to notice them. "Am I not right, Nicholas?"He would not give her the satisfaction of making himself angry. Instead he said, "what about you? What are you doing here?""Well unlike you, I can afford this restaurant. I have a membership card so I want to get a meal." She looked around, "guards, why is this filth still here? He's poor and he can steal from us. Send him out now.""Shut up, Tania. And mind your business." He frowned. Taking a look at the card she was holding and flauntin
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Nicholas has a decent night's sleep for the first time in a while. The next morning, a woman slightly older than him but beautiful with a lovely physique, knocked on the door.When he opened up, the woman smiled and introduced herself. "Hello young master, I am Tamara, the manager of the mansion workers." She said, "Please sir if you need anything, do not hesitate to tell us. Your father is not going to be around for a while so he asked that I pass down that message to you." The lady said.Nicholas frowned. "Where did he go?""Oh that is how he travels. He is on a business trip. Definitely, he will call to explain further to you sir." The lady explained."I would like to see everywhere, maybe when you are free you can show me around?" Asked Nicholas."Of course sir. But first, we will bring breakfast for you now. It is being prepared now." She said, Different dishes were served and Nicholas didn't even know which to choose from. He licked his hand as he dug into chicken laps and ate
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Nicholas saw that Cynthia must have been doing his job all while he was not around. He wondered why they have not employed someone else, maybe they're still thinking he would return."What have you been doing all this while? And," she froze, eyes intently glaring at him. "Wow, where did you see the money to buy this lovely suit? It looks good on you though, but why?"Of course Cynthia didn't know now that his situation had changed and he was now rich. He kept it to himself and did not bother to say anything to her."Is your wife giving you money now? Wow, I can't believe that money can change a man like this." She said to herself but Nicholas could hear clearly.He rolled his eyes, "I don't need to offer you any explanation at all. Excuse me, Cynthia." Nicholas said but she rushed forward to stop him."Hey, whatever business you'll face with the boss will be little compared to what I will do to you now if you don't have my money." She said,"Oh right, I'll make a transfer to you now.
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"What are you talking about, huh? Wait please!" He felt like he would have a heart attack. Payment has been cancelled?He was ruined!"You've offended the big dogs of the business industry. You brought this upon yourself. Good day."Lindsay said."Lindsay dear, are you forgetting who I am–hey, hello?" he was saying but she had already hung up."No. This can't be happening!" Bob cried out.Meanwhile, Nicholas was just on his way to work. The building was a skyscraper towering to the clouds. He still couldn't believe he owned it!He stepped down from his car and walked in. Just by the grand lobby, a woman was speaking to the receptionist. "Come on ma'am, I would really like to meet the vice president. Bob Fisher knows her! You need to treat me right." Maya said stubbornly.If she could meet Lindsay, then she would be able to submit her business proposal to her directly. It was good, she knew it. She just needed the right connection to win."Please ma'am. I've told you before. You need a
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Nicholas and Lindsay walked in looking stunning. When Nicholas had first seen Lindsay, he had nearly dropped his tongue.She wore a knee length silver dress that left her fair skin exposed and made her glow bright like an angel. Her hair was made into an updo style, and little makeup was applied to enhance her look.They walked into the entrance together, taking the crowd's attention. “Wow. This is your ex husband, Nicholas!” Shawn exclaimed. Even Maya was stunned to see Lindsay looking so pretty, and Nicholas so elegant and a lot more mature. She was older than Nicholas by just over a few months, and teased him that she was his older sister.Now, Nicholas looked so handsome and bold. He had changed!“Who let you guys in, huh!” Bob rushed to meet them.“Nice to see you too. Congratulations on your wedding.” Nicholas said.“Engagement.” Maya corrected. She saw the necklace on Lindsay's neck flashed brilliantly.
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Maya was with her friend, Tania. They were together at her house as Tania spent most of her time at Maya's place, especially since Nicholas had left the house now.Maya was just seated alone and she looked sad too. "Hey friend? Is everything okay?" Tania asked. "Not really. Listen, you know how I was with Bob Fisher thinking that he would help with my company? Well everything has turned upside down now." She complained bitterly."Yes you are right. I can't believe how that man can suddenly lie like this, pretending like he was rich!" Said Tania."And now I'm even in debt because I have been spending my own money on so many expenses, even the stupid engagement party!" Said Maya."Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. But I hope everything will be well soon." Tania said calmly to support her friend.Maya nodded. "Yea, I hope so too.""So something has been bugging me for a while now." Tania started to say. "Did I ever m
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Nicholas confidently strode into the high-end boutique, he had walked in with Lindsay at his side. This had to be the most expensive boutique the vicinity had and he was glad he chose this place. The store's sleek, modern design was a far cry from the places he once used to frequent while he was still.... you know. Now, his newfound success demanded that he mingled with and shopped with the high and mighty. As they both moved through the aisles which were filled with racks of designer clothing, Nicholas couldn't stop himself from letting out a small smile as he walked, he watched Lindsay choose the clothing and was in awe. He never knew she knew what was in vogue in the fashion world. She had usually always been the nerdy, glassed assistant of his and now this new part of her was all the more intriguing dared he say, fascinating. Her eye for fashion was simply impeccable, and the way she moved with an air of confidence about her,  that he simply found it mesmerizing."Linds
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