Chapter 1679 Research

Vera is cleaning the lobby in a standard black cleaning lady's uniform that looks ridiculous and misshapen. Tenants walk past her and giggle sarcastically. Michael Jackson's song “Stranger in Moscow” is supposed to calm her down, but Vera snorts with rage every time she sweeps the floor.

“At least I'm still in my dad's building.” Vera tries to concentrate, “And one of these days, I'll see Wally walk through that door!”

Deluded, Vera smiles and approaches the counter to sweep. The newspaper Teresa had left was open.

Vera glances at the open page and her dreamy smile melts like a flower.

A photo of Renan Vasconcelos in the company of Tobias Ibrahim left her wide-eyed. The journalistic article was about Tobias being elected mayor, but Vera doesn't take her eyes off the businessman.

“Oh, heavens, it can't be! I need Wally to protect me!”

On impulse, Vera crumples up the newspaper and throws it in the trash can. A girl enters the lobby and observes the desperate gesture of the cleaning lad
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