Chapter 1682 Daryl and Diane get married (2)

Vera is constantly sweeping the lobby of Teodoro's building, looking back, afraid of being caught by surprise. Teresa approaches in beach attire and with Rosemary and Pedro hand in hand with her.

“What's going on, Vera?” Teresa asks her, “Why so much panic and dread?”

“Your boyfriend wasn't interested in knowing.” she retorts.

Teresa wiggles and then turns to the radio, “Always keep the tradition, Vera. Don't want your father's ghost pulling your foot at night. Maybe that's what you're afraid of.”

Rosemary and Pedro laugh. The radio turns on and the song “The 13th” by The Cure fills the lobby.

Vera takes a deep breath, “I am not willing to argue and swear in front of the children.”

“Vera, your brother even tried to find out what was going on. But you didn't provide information and just asked to live here. Don't you think that would be too far? What are the chances Wallace will show up—”

“Are you ever going to believe that this time it's not because of Wally?” Vera throws the broom to
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