Chapter 1683 Daryl and Diane get married (3)

In Sunset Village, one of the beachgoers positioned a huge stereo, and the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, by Deep Blue Something, animated the bathers in general.

Rosemary and Pedro were having fun in the sand while burying Beto. There was only Beto's head outside when Teresa started talking to him, sitting on the beach chair and sunbathing.

“Beto, do you realize that your sister is scared and afraid of something?”

Beto would shrug if his shoulders were free, but they were already under the sand, “Yes, but she doesn't explain what it is. So I even think that she is making up something to justify her moving into the building.”

“That would be a dishonest move on her part.” Teresa complains, “We gave her the job, and she hopes to sneak into the building.”

“Wallace will never show up there again.” Beto says, “And why would he go? Now he lives in Green Park, has a job at Rocha Constructions, and the family is on good terms with him.”

Teresa muses with her hand on her chin, “Is she then ser
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