Incredible Oliver Storm

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Incredible Oliver Storm

By: Dragon Sly Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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🏆No.2 Best Face Slapping Novel In ["Leap To The Top"] contest. "Slap!" "Leave my house Oliver! I need a divorce." Oliver left the house with tears in his eyes after his wife had said, on his way a phone call from overseas came in. "Youngmaster Storm, you're the son of the most powerful business woman in the world and the heir of trillion dollar assets." With 50 billion, the once useless son-in-law becomes the Incredible son-in-law.


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Chapter 1
Oliver Storm was busy with his daily chores in the Ellison manor early in the morning, while his wife, Zelda Ellison, was busy dressing."Oliver, you better hurry up and wash the dishes and cook something for me because I am very hungry." Oliver's mother-in-law, Abigail Ellison, yelled."Mom, there are a lot of dishes to wash. Can you please cook the food so I can also continue with the dishes? " Oliver asked in a calm tone."You!" Abigail was enraged.."How dare you ask me to cook? You're so useless and poor, but dare you ask me to cook for you?" She asked coldly.Hearing Abigail's cold tone, Oliver lowered his head but said nothing."You better hurry up; my daughter has an important place to go and she can't leave on an empty stomach." Abigail slammed the door and went out after saying this."Zelda is going out. She might go with me, right? " Thinking of this, Oliver sped up with his chores so he could leave with his wife when he was done.Immediately after he finished cooking, the
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Chapter 2
“Poof!” Oliver could not help but spat a mouthful of blood, even though he knew their marriage was just a show, he had done all his best to get Zelda’s love so hearing her ask for a divorce broke his heart.Tears streamed down Oliver’s cheek. He turned to her and said, "Zelda, I know that not only have I not been a good husband and your life got destroyed because of me and I'm really sorry for that. You can call when the divorce papers are ready, so we can go and sign them.”“I wish you all "happiness in life". That was Oliver’s last sentence before leaving the room."Oliver’s last words hit Zelda hard, she did not understand why she was sad instead of being happy because Oliver was leaving her.At the same time, Oliver walked alone on the street, he didn’t have any dollar on him for him to be able to book a room so the only option for him was for him to sleep under the bridge.Just then, his phone rang. Seeing that it was a private number, Oliver felt puzzled as to who would call h
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Chapter 3
"Alice, I need to address my mother, where could she be? " Oliver quickly asked when the call was associated with. “Am sorry young master, as I stated earlier, President is busy at the moment and I guess she would contact you when there’s time.” Alice repliedOliver nodded; his mom was a billionaire so definitely there would always be a lot of important stuffs to deal with.He had a great deal of inquiries in his mind now."For what reason did mother leave me assuming that she was as yet alive?”"For what reason did I need to battle throughout everyday life in the event that I had a rich family?”"He realized Alice wasn't the most ideal individual to respond to every one of his inquiries so all he could do was to hung up.Immediately after hanging up, Oliver boarded a cab to one of the most luxurious hotels in Boston Hills, “Empire Hotel” he now had billions of dollars so that wasn’t a problem for him.At the same time in a luxurious room was seated a woman in her mid-50’s. Even thou
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Chapter 4
When the security guard saw him hold his collar, he angrily rolled his eyes and looked at Oliver's screen.Seeing a message indicating that 10 million dollars had been accredited into Oliver’s account as a bonus, his body shivered.Of course, he wasn’t a fool, for a bank to give 10 million dollars as a bonus to their customer, the customer's balance wouldn’t be less than 2 billion."Thud!" He fell to his knees to apologize. "S…S… Sir, please forgive me. I was blind not to let you in but argue with you. Please don’t take this matter to your heart. I have a wife and two kids at home. If I am fired, then that is the end of my family." The security guard begged as his shoulders continued to shake from crying.He was wise to know that since Oliver had such a huge amount in his account, he would be fired if he reported it to the manager.Hearing the security guard’s pleading words, Oliver sighed. He didn’t take the matter to heart because even though the security looked down on him, it was
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Chapter 5
"Rooms and suites were all booked out, was that a joke?" Oliver was surprised. There were more than 200 rooms and suites in Empire because it had lot of visitors so he was sure the lady was lying to him.The only reason could be that she was looking down on him.“Miss how can you sa…“Hello I want to book a suite;” A voice rang through before Oliver could complete his sentence.A middle-aged man who was neatly dressed in suit walked forward. Looking at him, one could tell that he was rich.“Sure sir, its…”The lady talked to the man gently until he was done with the booking.Oliver who was watching everything was stunned, firstly lady told him all the suites and rooms has been occupied but the middle-aged man was able to get a suite.“I thought you said all the suites and rooms are occupied so how come someone successfully made a booking?” Oliver questioned angrily.Hearing his question, the lady frowned and said. “There are suites and rooms available but am afraid you can’t afford th
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Chapter 6
Oliver, whose back was facing Ynes, turned and asked, "Miss Ynes, are you the owner here?" Ynes was shocked to see Oliver, the guy who got into a heated argument with her bodyguard a few minutes ago. "Yes, I’m the owner here," Ynes replied shortly. The Empire Hotel was one of the properties of the Larking family, and Ynes was the one in charge. "I came here to book a suite, but your staff wouldn’t allow me; why is it so?" Oliver asked with a stern expression. Oliver then explained everything that had happened to Ynes. Ynes was furious; she never looked down on people and didn’t expect her staff to do so. She took a yellow card from her bag and handed it to Oliver. "I’m really sorry for my staff’s behavior; this is our membership card." "You can stay here whenever you want without paying." Oliver wanted to reject the membership card; he had enough money to pay for all his lodgings, but after giving it a second thought, he decided not to embarrass her. He was taken aback when
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Chapter 7
The next day, Oliver quickly rushed to a showroom; he wanted to buy himself a car."I need a car to buy; what’s the price?" He asked after getting to the car showroom.A lady stepped forward and asked, "Sir, I am Linda; what type of car do you want?""Can I take a look at the cars?" He asked."Sure, you can." Linda replied as he sent Oliver around the car show room.The sight of all the luxury cars in the showroom astounded Oliver.There were all types of cars, including Benz, Audi, Volkswagens, BMW, Bentley, and others.After a few minutes, Oliver pointed to a yellow car. "I want this."The sales lady was shocked and disappointed, but she dared not show it. She thought Oliver was going to choose those ordinary, low-priced cars, but he pointed at an Audi R8.If she managed to sell it, she would get a large bonus."Linda Lyrol, are you that dumb?" A voice pierced through the sky, followed by two ladies who walked into the showroom. They were also salespeople at the 4S shop.You’re actu
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Chapter 8
"I... is that not Oliver?" Zelda was about to hail a cab when she shivered from shock. Even though she couldn’t see the driver’s face clearly, she was pretty sure it was Oliver.Speaking of Oliver, she felt guilty thinking about her argument with him. Without giving it a second thought, she picked up her phone and decided to call him.The cab driver honked at Zelda and asked, "Miss, why haven’t you sat down yet?""What am I even thinking?" It probably can’t be Oliver. As she got into the cab, she said.After buying a set of new clothes, Oliver drove to Twyla Villa Center. Twyla Villa had the best villas in Boston Hills; he couldn't always stay in a hotel, so he drove there with the goal of purchasing a villa.Seeing the new Audi car, the security guard did not waste time allowing him in.He drove to the parking lot and parked his car."Hello, I'm here to buy a villa. Which one is available?" Oliver askedA saleslady who was dressed in a white office suit and a young man following her
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Chapter 9
"This is just a normal bank card; its average limit is only $300,000.""Just swipe it!" He replied shortly.What they didn’t know was that, even though the limit for a daily transaction was $100,000, he was the bank’s VIP, so his card was unblocked, making his spending limit unlimited."Why do I feel that he’s so mysterious?" Logan thought as she handed the card to the saleslady asking her to swipe it.Even though the saleslady was furious at Oliver at that moment, she dared not show it in front of Logan. She took the card and swiped it. After that, Oliver entered his password.Logan didn’t bother to check the machine because she was sure the card was going to be rejected."Ping! Ping!"The machine beeped twice, indicating that there had been a successful transaction.Logan, like the saleslady and salesman, was taken aback.Even though she never looked down on Oliver, she didn’t believe that the ordinary card in Oliver’s hand had 15 million dollars in it.The saleslady who couldn’t be
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Chapter 10
Tears streamed down Zelda’s face. "There’s no need for me to live since you hate me this much." "Mr. Storm, is everything alright?""I just had a little issue with my wife, sorry for the disturbance," Oliver replied.Logan smiled and said, "There's a party tonight around 8 p.m. at my place; I wonder if Mr. Storm would love to join?" After giving it some thought, Oliver nodded and said, "I have nothing to do this night, so I'll surely join you.""That's great, then would you want me to pick you up?" She questioned."Then I'll bother you once more.""Mr. Storm, there's no need to be polite."After exchanging contacts with Oliver, Logan left. Oliver, who was now alone in his big villa, wanted to call Zelda to apologize for his rude behavior and also tell her about the money he had gotten, but thinking that she was at fault, he stopped."There's no need to tell Zelda or my mother-in-law about my sudden wealth."At 7:30 p.m., a blue Chevrolet Camaro was parked near the villa. The beauti
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