Chapter 1704 Free Bird

Elza is in her office talking to Jane about her decision regarding Renan.

“Jane, I am expelling Mr. Vasconcelos from our hotel. I don't want the police to arrest me accused of being an accomplice to kidnapping.”

“Until now, no one has said it was kidnapping, ma'am.” Jane ponders calmly.

“And you think I’m going to wait for him to ask for ransom?” Elza sits down at her desk and picks up the phone, “I’m getting ahead of myself.” She dials some number and waits to be answered, “Hello, security. Here is Mrs. Queiroz. I gave 24 hours to Mr. Vasconcelos to get out of here. After the deadline, if he remains here, expel him without mercy, keeping Miss Silva's physical integrity, OK? Thanks, bye!” She hangs up, satisfied.

“I hope we're not making a lot of noise about nothing.” Jane sighs.

Someone knocks on the door and Jane approaches her, “Who is it?”

“Vera Reis!”

Elza widens her eyes and orders Jane to open the door. Vera enters with a serious face.

“Mrs. Queiroz, Renan informed me that you
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