Chapter 1703 I Invite You to Withdraw

In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa's pregnancy is becoming evident. She is smiling and well-dressed for another prenatal exam.

Alan and Caroline massage her belly.

“Is our little brother kicking, Mommy?”

“Once in a while, I feel it, honey. Today we will find out if he is a boy or a girl. Which do you prefer?"

Caroline prefers a girl and Alan prefers a boy. Melissa bursts out laughing as she sees her kingdom divided.

Kelvin walks over putting on his tie, “I think the knot is crooked.”

“You fix it later, honey, I don’t want to be late.”

The bell is rung. Kelvin will answer the door for Ernesto.

“Are the kids ready for school?” Ernesto asks as he enters, “Ah, hello, Mrs. Mountain.”

“Ernie, you can call me Melissa.” She asks gently.

“Never. If Mr. Rocha finds out that I'm treating you very freely, he fires me. Sarah is enjoying living at the Rocha mansion with us.”

“I guess so.” She laughs, “And what's new?”

“My boss is really worried about Vera Reis living with that industrialist at the
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