Chapter 1705 Where's My Woman?

William, Simeon, and Dora are horrified to find Vera standing on their doorstep.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” William neighs, “Do you want to compromise us? Get outta here before your mob lover guns us down!”

Vera, instead of obeying William, enters the living room with a smirk, “I was smart enough not to be followed. You underestimate me.”

Dora goes back to looking for painkillers for Simeon, “Vera, what did you come here for?”

“I need help, guys. I thought about going to Wally's house, but something tells me that his house will be the first place Renan will look for me.”

“Stop calling the kidnapper by his first name, bitch!” William screams.

Vera turns on William only to slap him, “You're still the same annoying brat! What happened to your soccer career?”

“Did you go to Victoria or did you go to Mars?” William counters with a sore cheek, “I retired!”

“Yes, but the newspapers can tell one story and the truth can be another.” Vera slyly hints.

Dora turns off the radio and finds a p
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