Chapter 1717 Grand Opening

The next day, Pizzeria Campos was open with a huge sign at the entrance that said: OPENING!

Inside, William has managed to get another stereo to liven up the diners as they enjoy their delicious pizzas.

Pizza maker Tommaso Marino was hired to prepare the pizzas with the Italian care they require. Other helpers and attendants are preparing the place for the first day of work.

To the sound of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, Dora and Simeon filled balloons. Melissa enters the place with Kelvin, Alan, and Caroline.

William tries to stop them, “Oh no! These people are not welcome in my establishment!”

Simeon loses his breath and lets a balloon deflate, making a noise like he's farting. Alan and Caroline laugh.

But Kelvin and Melissa are not amused.

“Will, I can't believe you're going to pull this off!” Melissa complains.

“Little sister, you know damn well I let you in and have pizza on the house.” William whinnies, “But this is Pizzeria CAMPOS, not Mountain.”

Kelvin puts his hand on his glab
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