Chapter 1718 Owner without Charisma

In Teodoro's building, Beto and Teresa are taking care of the lobby, putting away certain things, and arranging the counter to go out. The radio is playing “Good Riddance” by Green Day. Vera enters at this moment, dressed to go to the pizzeria.

“Hello, guys!”

Beto is surprised, “Vera, what are you doing here? I thought you were going to the pizzeria.”

“And I'm going, but I wanted to see you first.” She notices their outfit, “And as seen, you are also heading there.”

“Yes, we were invited.” Teresa responds, “Isn't it dangerous for you to come here?”

“I took a taxi,” Vera responds, knowing what Teresa is talking about.

“But now you will come with us in my car.” Beto decides.

Rosemary and Pedro appear, “We're ready, Daddy.”

“Are we all ready to get free pizza?” Beto animates the troupe.

“WE’RE READY!” The children are elated.

Teresa narrows her eyes, “Hey, is the pizza on the house?”

Beto keeps his arms raised upwards. He did not know this, he spoke by guessing. Now he was questioned...

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