Chapter 1716 Pizza on the House

Jack returns home. Ronaldo is reading a book in the armchair but stops reading when he sees his son.

“Hello, son! How was the recording at the LCN studios?”

“They are fine, father. Veronica is getting a lot of attention with her character.”

Ronaldo looks at the clock on the wall, “It's almost time to start ‘Sweet Love’. I am also enjoying your approval, son.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Jack leaves his wallet on the shelf.

“Hey, Octavio brought Jane and we ate Shirley's cookies. But Octavio said she hasn't been showing up at the entrance to the Vargas Building for him to buy more.”

Jack sits down on the couch to take off his sneakers, “Dad, Shirley Mountain is gone. After years of fighting with her daughter, she decided to move away and live in the countryside with her family.”

Ronaldo is stunned, “What crazy decision is this?”

“Calm down, father. Everyone has to decide what to do with their lives.”

“But that doesn’t resolve the conflict. Did she say goodbye to her daughter at least?”

“Only now di
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