Chapter 1733 Sinister Approach

The following day, Tiago went to the police station to speak with Ivan Moraes on behalf of Josias.

The officer received the oldest brother of the Bento family, interested in getting to know him.

“Mr. Bento, welcome to my humble office.”

Tiago looks around the room and sees the awards and recommendations of authorities, including a frame of the sergeant with the late Mayor Ibrahim. Humble?

“Sergeant Moraes, I hope you don't expel me. I came to speak on behalf of Josias Rocha, my master.”

Ivan breaks the smile at lightning speed, “My wife is not here.”

“You’ll no longer have a wife if you continue with this uncontrollable jealousy!” Tiago asserts, “Will Lagoon City's justice be undermined because of this?”

Ivan takes a deep breath and decides to be reasonable, “What does your 'master' want?”

“First of all, to this day he has not been able to give testimony about the kidnapping of Vera Reis.” Tiago takes a deep breath, “He was a witness to what happened, along with Mr. Roberto Reis.”

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