Chapter 1732 Pre-trial Detention

At the police station, Ivan loses his temper with Renan.

He stands up sharply, “I've heard enough. Mr. Vasconcelos, you are entitled to a call. I suggest you call your lawyer.”

Renan panics, “My lawyer? But why?”

“You’ll need it. You are willingly admitting that you intended to withhold Miss Reis's freedom.”

“Cut out ‘Miss Reis’, she’s not in the running for any beauty pageants! Although she deserved it, she is very beautiful and has a great guitar body!” Renan makes the ‘guitar’ gesture with both hands, “Anyway, she's Mrs. Vasconcelos!”

“Do you have the marriage certificate for the two of you?” Ivan asks mockingly.

“No, but we still need to get married. How are we going to get married if she stays away from me?”

“Are you sure you are an industrialist?” Ivan scratches his head, confused, “You are looking very clumsy to me!”

“Do not judge a book by its cover,” Renan utters the popular saying.

The mention of ‘cover’ and ‘book’ reminds Ivan of Josias's biography, making the sergeant more
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