Chapter 1741 The Forensic Lab Report

The next day, Melissa is relaxing in the Mountain Penthouse living room. She is lying on the sofa while Kelvin serves her breakfast.

“More peaceful, my queen?”

“Much more peaceful, my king.” Melissa smiles, “Breakfast looks good.”

“I tried to do the basics. Hope you like it.”

Alan steps forward, “I helped, Mom. And Caroline opened the jar of jam. She is very happy about the contribution.”

Melissa laughs. Thank God, a peaceful and happy home life was all she needed.

However, the landline rings and Kelvin answers, “Hello?”

The classic doorman replies, “Mr. Mountain, Sergeant Ivan Moraes wants to speak with Madam Rocha. I dare not call the police this time...”

Kelvin purses his lips, then replies, “Send him upstairs. There is nothing you can do to prevent this.”

“OK.” The doorman hangs up.

“Who was it, dear?” Melissa asks, interested.

“Instead of sending a subordinate, Sergeant Moraes decided to come himself.”

Melissa was going to chew on a ham sandwich, but her mouth tasted sour.

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