Son-In-Law: Love and Revenge

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Son-In-Law: Love and Revenge

By: Mas Xeno CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"I'm giving Shawn my business." When Kenneth Immanuel Sander heard what Winston Sanders had decided, he couldn't believe it. Kenneth didn't agree with what his father decided. During this time, Kenneth helped Winston run the WS Group, but Winston gave the big company to Shawn, who had clearly never helped the company in any way. It turned out that Winston had given the business to Shawn not just because Shawn was his oldest son, but also because Kenneth was the child of an affair. Kenneth feels not only betrayed by his own family but also shamed by them. Kenneth made the decision to leave Winston's home. When a woman was being pickpocketed, Kenneth helped her. When her husband saw how brave and kind Kenneth was, he asked Kenneth to marry their daughter.

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  • Daisy Sobremonte


    Nice story... but i hope if they will make an ending of the story, it will not reach until 5k pages... Dont add more characters.. Just focus to the main characters and the people witb them... .........

    2022-08-27 11:22:09
  • Twine Twin


    nice story

    2022-08-11 16:36:19
  • Natalia Reyna Moscoza


    me gusto mucho

    2023-01-09 13:03:08
  • Tammy Hill


    Wish the original story would have ended instead of a new story mixed halfway through the book. Very disappointing wasting time and money trying to find out how the original story ended

    2024-02-02 20:33:07
  • O4igins master


    I love this story I hope they have a happy ending. He should take her away from her parents and make her happy. Don't make this a short story though I wanna see more of their love

    2022-08-25 02:10:57
  • Draconya


    really nice story, but why the chapters of a complete different book mixed in there?

    2023-07-08 20:53:30
  • George


    This book author doesn’t know the difference between a male and female characters , he and she , and for gets the characters he writes about

    2022-10-13 04:56:06
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303 chapters
Heir to the Winston Family
A sixty-year-old man sat down at a long table with many different dishes and got ready to eat dinner. He had a business empire called the WS Group, and his name was Winston Sanders. His wife, Bettrice Margaretha, who was about fifty-five years old and sat at the table with him, was the only other person there.A young man joined them not long after. “Mom and Dad, sorry I'm late. I had to finish some things at the office first." The man, whose name was Kenneth Immanuel Sanders, said this.Winston asked his son, “Ken, how's the office?"“Don't worry about anything, dad. There are some problems, but it’s very easy to fix.” As Kenneth sat down in one of the empty chairs, he answered."Good job!" Winston once more spoke up. He turned to face his wife, Bettrice. “Have you called Shawn, honey? Will he be here tonight?"“Shawn is on his way, so we'll just have to wait. He'll be here in a minute."They were both waiting for the oldest son of the conglomerate family, Shawn Heaven Sanders. After
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Leaving The Winstons
Kenneth went to the apartment of his girlfriend, Luna."Honey? Don't you have something to do tonight with your family? Oh, I didn't think we'd see each other tonight. I'm glad you're here, though. I miss you." Luna gave Kenneth a hug right away."Me, too, Luna," Kenneth said in a soft voice."What's wrong with you, honey? Why aren't you as happy as you usually are? Are you okay?" Kenneth's face was touched by Luna.Kenneth swallowed his saliva. He said, "I just left the Winstons.""Going to leave the Winstons? What are you saying? ""All of them turned on me, Luna. During this time, I worked at the company, and I even helped Winston when he was in the hospital for months getting intensive care. I did a lot for the WS Group, but he gave the company to him instead. Shawn, his oldest son, because I was not legally his child.”Luna couldn't believe what Kenneth said."I don't have a place to live anymore, honey. Can I stay here for a while?” Kenneth asked."Emmm... Wait, so you're saying
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Will You Marry My Daughter?
Alexander and his wife looked at Kenneth, who was eating so fast because he seemed so hungry.After a few minutes, Alexander asked, "Would you like to add to the food?""Sir, is that okay?""Yes, yes, you can order as much food as you want."Kenneth didn't think twice before ordering another plate of food. Kenneth was still being watched by Alexander. The man in front of him was pretty, but his skin was dirty, which might have been because he lived on the streets.Alexander asked, "Where is your house?"Kenneth said, "I don't have a home.""Don't you have any family either?""My mother died, so I live by myself now.""You're a brave young man, and you're also good at martial arts. Do you want to get married to my daughter? ""Cough, cough, cough," As soon as Kenneth heard Alexander's last word, he started to choke up.Not only was Kenneth surprised by the question, but Sherly was also very surprised by what her husband had just said.Sherry asked, "Honey, what did you say?"Alexander
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Marrying a Crazy Girl
Kenneth was taken to Quella's room by a few servants. Now, he is officially Mr. Alexander's only daughter's husband. As Kenneth was about to open the bedroom door, his heart was beating fast. He was scared because it would be the first time he saw Quella's face in person. Kenneth went into the room after heaving and letting out a lot of air.Suddenly..."Aaaaaa..." Kenneth let out a startled scream when he saw what looked like a ghost in front of him.There wasn't much light in the room, so when Kenneth saw a figure in white with long hair flowing forward, he thought it was a ghost.Praakkk..Quella shut the door once more. Now, it looked like Quella was pressing Kenneth's body against her, which had just fallen to the floor in shock. Quella snapped, "Who let you into my room?" as she showed her long, yellow teeth that looked disgusting.Kenneth said in a shaky voice, "Aaa-I. I'm your husband.” even though he wasn't sure at the moment if the figure that looked like a madman was Quella
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Treated Like a Slave
Knock! Knock! Knock!Alexander went to Quella and Kenneth's room early in the morning to check on his daughter and make sure that Kenneth hadn't had sex with Quella the night before.Alexander knocked on the door several times, but no one answered. Alexander finally decided to smash the room's door open.Kenneth woke up when the door opened loudly and made a lot of noise. As soon as he saw Alexander's face, he got to his feet. Even though Quella was still sleeping in her bed,Alexander said, "I've been calling for a while, so why didn't you answer, huh?""I'm sorry, sir, but it looks like I overslept because I’m exhausted," Kenneth said."Exhausted? What did you do last night that wore you out? Did you—""Oh, no, sir. I didn't do anything last night because I was too tired. Maybe it's because I've slept on the streets before.""But you didn't sleep next to Quella last night, did you?""Sir, you knows I sleep on the floor because you just saw it."Since Alexander didn't say anything, i
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Breakfast fo Quella
Kenneth went to the kitchen to get some food. He planned to eat in the kitchen with the servants, but Kenneth remember of Quella. So, he decided to bring food to Quella's room so he could breakfast with his wife.“Quella, here I brought you breakfast. Let's have breakfast together.""I would rather not eat. I'm not hungry, and I would rather not eat.""Okay. If you don't want to eat, then I won't eat either. We will starve together.”"Up to you. Do you think I'd care if you starved? I don't care about that at all.""Okay." Kenneth placed the plate of food on the table, then he sat on the sofa to watching Quella.In the long run, Quella began to feel uncomfortable because Kenneth was always staring at him. "Why do you keep looking at me like that?""I'm not allowed to do anything in this house, so I just can to watch you.""I don't allow you to look at me like that either!""Oh, alright." Kenneth turned around and lay down on the bed. Kenneth decided to sleep.A few minutes later, Quel
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Winston Looking For His Son
Inside his residence, Winston Sanders was seen talking to John, his personal assistant. "How about Kenneth, John? Have you found out where Kenneth is?""Sorry, sir, I haven't found him yet.” John replied. "Actually a few days ago, I saw him on the street, but when I chased him, he ran away. Maybe he knows that I want to bring him back to this house."Winston Sanders seemed to sigh. "I really regret his decision to leave this house. I'm glad he lives here. Kenneth is a smart and obedient son, he helps me in many ways.""I think Kenneth is dissapointed when you bequeathed the WS Group to Mr. Shawn." John ventured to express his opinion.Winston Sanders seemed to sigh once again. "How can I bequeath the WS Group to Kenneth? Kenneth is a child out of legal marriage while Shawn is my son from a legal marriage. If I bequeath the WS Group to Kenneth, then people know his identity, its will make the company's image will be bad."John was silent, he didn't want to respond anymore for fear that
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Painting for Quella
One afternoon, Kenneth went out to buy canvases, paints, sketchbooks and other painting supplies. Luckily, he still had some money to buy it all. Kenneth began to feel bored every day just being in Alexander's house. He planned to paint Quella tonight."Where have you been?" Alexander intercepted Kenneth who had just come home with painting equipment."I was out for a while to buy some painting equipment, sir.""You can't leave this house without my permission!""Oh, sorry. Next time I'll ask your permission before going out.""If you need something, all you have to do is ask the maids here. You don't have to go out to buy it by yourself. Do you understand?""Yes, sir. I understand." Kenneth seemed to swallow, he felt imprisoned in Mr Alexander's luxurious house. He felt like a bird in a cage, but Kenneth had to obey all orders and prohibitions from Alexander. He had to endure the next six months until he got one hundred million dollars from Alexander."Hello, Quella! Look, I just bou
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Marriage Plan
“Do you like the ring?” Shawn asked Luna.“Yes, I really like it. This is a very beautiful and expensive ring. Thank you darling. You know me so well how to make me happy." Luna kissed Shawn's cheek once more. Shawn replied by hugging the girl's waist."Tonight, I will take you to dinner with my family, I will talk to them about our wedding plans. What do you think?""Is that true? Oh, of course, I totally agree. But, am I beautiful enough to meet your parents tonight?”"You're always beautiful all the time, honey."“But I still feel insecure. I think I'll have to buy some clothes.""Okay, I'll buy it for you.""Oh, that's very kind of you."That night, Shawn took Luna to his house. "Mommy, Daddy, this is Luna, my lover."Winston and Battrice glanced at a girl who standing next to Shawn."Aren't you Kenneth's lover?" Winston asked Luna. Winston remembered that Luna often came to his office and Kenneth had also introduced Luna as his girlfriend.Luna looked nervous at Winston's questio
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Quella Comes Out of Her Room
Knock! Knock! Knock!As usual, Alexander knocked on Quella's door every morning to check on his daughter's condition. Kenneth opened the door because Quella was still sleeping at that time.“Why is Quella still sleeping at this hour? Is Quella sick?" Alexander asks Kenneth how Quella is."No, sir. Quella is fine.""Did you sleep next to her last night?""Not. I sleep on the floor.”"Good. You have to remember our agreement, you can't sleep in the same bed with Quella, you can't have sex with her either. Because if you break the agreement, then I won't give you any money.""You don't have to worry, sir. I will not break the agreement.”"Good, that's what I expected. Now come out, you must clear the grass in my yard with the other gardeners. Don't just laze around here because I also feed you every day."Kenneth gulped when he received such insult from Alexander, but he couldn't argue. So, Kenneth came out of Quella's room and went to the side yard.A gardener gives Kenneth a lawn mower
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