Chapter 1743 Frustrating Testimony

Ivan continues to ask Melissa how what she alleges was an attack happened.

“And then, Mrs. Mountain, you’re telling me that Mr. Vasconcelos, despite approaching you strangely and inconveniently, didn’t pose any danger to you?”

Melissa's eyes widen, “What do you mean, he didn't pose any danger? He was about to kidnap me if not for my husband showing up!”

Ivan wiggles, “I'm sorry, Mrs. Mountain, but I cannot draw the same conclusion. Were there security guards or bodyguards near him? Was there a black, ominous car parked in a convenient spot? If Mr. Vasconcelos wanted to kidnap you and saw that the lady was aloof, why didn't he abduct you immediately? Why did he come up with this ‘wanting to help you’ thing?”

Melissa snorts, "Sergeant, I don't think the guy is going to openly admit that he was going to kidnap me!"

“But the square was empty. An opportunity he had.”

Melissa takes a deep breath, “I can't believe it! You want to set him free!”

“I don't want to arrest people for guesswork, M
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