Rags to Riches

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Rags to Riches

By: Ray Ellis CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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She doesn't know this yet, but he is the richest man in the entire world.Marcus Coleman is the matrilocal live-in husband of Vivian Lorimer, the belle of Cromford City and a member of one of Cromford City's upper-middle-class families. However, he is also the Pantheon's Drakon—a position that enables him to shower anyone with luxuries unimaginable to humankind.As Marcus and Vivian's wedding anniversary draws closer, the taunts directed toward them are vicious as ever. However, unlike all the previous disappointing years, this year, Vivian is in for a surprise. A mysterious supreme billionaire appears, showering her with gifts one could only gaze at in envy. As the tensions in the Lorimer family reach an all-time high, can Vivian simultaneously save her family and find out the identity of the billionaire before her world comes crashing down around her?

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  • Gloria Mckinney


    love this story

    2023-11-19 21:00:54
  • Taumaoe


    Love to watch a Movie made out of this fine Read.

    2023-11-12 09:11:55
  • Tammytamikalee Tavai


    Grear Read so far...

    2023-10-14 07:06:32
  • Irena Brad


    Great book More chapters please

    2023-10-06 08:36:50
  • Illiana Huerta


    great book

    2023-08-15 04:38:42
  • Federico Montealegre


    Story is good and interesting. Hope i can have a more continuation to read

    2023-08-14 12:13:06


    Same story plot as that of the Lived-in son in law Charles wade.

    2024-01-27 10:39:45
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727 chapters
Chapter 1 Outsiders and Dogs
"Fuck, what the hell's wrong with you? Would you have the money to pay me for the repairs if you'd scratched my car, you dumb delivery driver?" A man spat in Marcus Coleman's direction while cursing. Then, he sped off in his blue Porsche.Marcus gnashed his teeth silently and got to his feet while struggling to get his motorcycle upright. He'd landed in a puddle of dirty, smelly water, and his knee had a wound from being scraped against the road. "Man, I don't know how much this is gonna cost me." He balled his fists as he looked at the spilled food on the road.At this moment, his phone rang. It was a call from Marcus' wife, the belle of Cromford City, Vivian Lorimer. "Hey, honey," he began."How many times have I told you not to call me that? If you don't show up at the grand ballroom in half an hour, don't bother showing up forever!" Vivian hung up after leaving him with just that.Marcus was a little taken aback by this abrupt call. The grand ballroom? Fuck, today was t
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Chapter 2 Here on Invitation
"Luke!" Vivian trembled with rage. Regardless of how worthless he was, Marcus was still her husband. He might be useless, but he'd stuck by her side for the past three years without a single complaint."Honey, don't get mad. Why don't you head in first? I'll just—" Marcus started, balling his hands into fists."Honestly, you—" Vivian glared at him. How could he act like nothing had happened when someone had blatantly insulted him? He didn't even have the guts to say something in return! Could he be considered a man? "Whatever!" Disappointment washed over her as she turned and headed into the grand ballroom on her own.Luke scoffed. "At least you know your worth!" He patted Marcus on the face and followed Vivian into the grand ballroom after that. The crowd, consisting of members of the Lorimer family and their guests, too, looked at Marcus mockingly before filing into the grand ballroom. It was as if they were looking at a piece of trash.Soon, Marcus was left alone. He stare
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Chapter 3 The Lorimer Family’s Crisis
Murray stood there with his hands behind his back, his voice booming. "Marcus and I are good friends, so I've brought along a diamond scepter as a gift!" He presented the scepter to Nora and left without another word."Murray Fletcher … from the East? He can't be … Murray Fletcher, the head of the Fletcher family? That's the most prominent family in the East!""I think it really is him! I've seen him on TV before!""My God! He actually came to attend our family gathering! No other family in Cromford City has had the privilege in the past!"A stunned silence descended upon the crowd, until Luke spoke up. "What bullshit! Why would someone like Murray Fletcher be good friends with a good-for-nothing like Marcus Coleman? Marcus, where did you hire some actor to pretend to be Murray Fletcher? Do you realize the Fletcher family will be out for our blood if they find out about this?" he bellowed. He refused to believe a good-for-nothing would have anything to do with the most prominen
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Chapter 4 Why Did You Lead Me Into a Trap?
"Don't worry. As long as you get Murray Fletcher to agree to invest in the Lorimer Group, the Lorimer family will reward you handsomely!" said Nora, seemingly worried that Vivian would turn her down."Me?" Vivian's face was shrouded in disbelief. They were talking about billions of dollars here—where was she going to get that sort of money from? Besides, she didn't even know Murray Fletcher! At that thought, she couldn't help but glance at Marcus, wondering if he could do anything about this. To her dismay, he was nodding off. Bitterness overwhelmed her as she mocked herself for having had any hope in him at all. Left with no other choice, she had to come clean. "Grandma, to tell you the truth, I don't know Murray Fletcher at all. Marcus was the one who brought him to the gathering, so … I-I can't get him to invest in the Lorimer Group."Almost instantly, the smile on Nora's face disappeared. Luke let out a derisive laugh and exclaimed, "I didn't expect you to be so heartless
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Chapter 5 Spare Change
"You're my wife; there's no way you'd lose this bet!" Marcus said matter-of-factly."God, you're hopeless!" Vivian was utterly despaired. "What am I gonna do now? It looks like I have no choice but to visit all the banks tomorrow and try to get as many loans as possible." There was nothing else she could do at this point."Don't be so worried, Vivian. Believe in yourself." Marcus couldn't help but feel amused at the sight of her being so anxious. How could the almighty Drakon be worried about money?Vivian snorted. "I must've been possessed when I chose to believe you." She glared at him. As expected, he couldn't be depended on at all!…The following morning, Marcus left the house after preparing breakfast. He headed to Globestone Investments and strode into the building."Good morning, sir. Do you have an appointment?" the receptionist asked politely."I'm looking for Vincent Rook. He knows about me coming here," Marcus said. Before making his way here, he'd instructed M
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Chapter 6 A Massive Investment
Vincent was so stunned that he fell off his chair. How could ten billion dollars be only spare change to him? Who was he? Who in the world had he offended? "Marc—No, Mr. Coleman! I made a mistake! I know what I did wrong, so please, forgive me!" He scrambled to his knees and clung to Marcus' legs as he begged for mercy. At this point in time, it didn't matter whether or not he could remain the general manager of Globestone Investments. What was more important was that someone who could fork out ten billion dollars with the snap of his fingers could probably get rid of him equally easily!"Sorry, but it's too late!" Marcus sneered and sat in the seat Vincent had just vacated. At this moment, the office's door swung open, and close to ten people hurried in to form two neat lines. Their faces were plastered with fear.They were precisely Globestone Investments' senior executives. When they'd heard about the change in ownership, they immediately hurried over to meet their new bos
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Chapter 7 Your Boss’ Last Name is Coleman
"Y-Yes, that's me," said Vivian. She'd been nervous, to begin with, and the sudden voice startled her. Vivian raised her head to see a young woman in a neatly-pressed uniform standing not too far from her, smiling amicably."Welcome! Please come with me. You're our esteemed guest, and our general manager is waiting for you in her office!" The young woman tensed a little when Vivian confirmed her identity. It was as if she was receiving an extremely important client. The new receptionist had just started working here, and the general manager had personally instructed her to wait by the entrance for a woman named Vivian Lorimer. The general manager had also repeatedly warned her not to offend Vivian."Oh, uh, sure." Vivian felt like she was dreaming. Esteemed guest? And what was it about the general manager of Globestone Investments waiting for her?A few moments later, she was led into Wendy's office. "Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Lorimer! My name is Wendy Snowden. I'm Globest
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Chapter 8 Easier to Leech Off You
As she spoke, that surname seemed to be etched into Vivian's mind. The boss' last name was Coleman, and the company was investing 500 million dollars in her, not the Lorimer Group. Could it be … Could Marcus be behind this? Who else would treat her like this? Vivian recalled how confident Marcus had been when telling her to agree to the bet. Then, he'd brought her to Globestone Investments, seemingly sure that something good would happen. It was as if everything was within his control! The more she thought about it, the faster her heart raced."Yes, our boss is from the Coleman family, based in the capital. Please keep this to yourself for now, Ms. Lorimer. Mr. Coleman doesn't want people to know about his identity just yet." Wendy didn't expect Vivian to ask her that so suddenly. She blanched for a second before regaining her composure, fibbing about the Coleman family from the capital."The capital? Looks like I've let my imagination get the better of me!" Vivian smiled s
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Chapter 9 These People Are All Idiots
"I don't think we need to wait anymore. This is just a waste of our time!""If Vivian actually manages to get an investment, I'll jump off this building!""Luke, you're being too gracious. So what if you've given her a chance? Losers will always be losers!"The other members of the Lorimer family spoke one after the other, trying to suck up to Luke."Silence! There's no need to wait anymore. Luke, tell everyone what you've managed to achieve." Nora's eyes were half-shut, and she sounded impatient. She hadn't held out hope for Vivian from the beginning. She'd only really agreed to their bet so that she would have a proper reason to announce Luke as her successor."Yes, Grandma." Luke tried to suppress his excitement. He knew the outcome had been solidified by then! "Take a look at this, everyone. This is the contract that Mr. Lloyd personally delivered to me this morning; it already has Verdant International's stamp and signature. They're loaning us a hundred million dollars!" He
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Chapter 10 Forged
"Yeah, that's what I said. 500 million dollars. And it's not a loan; it's an investment with no interest or extra charges!" Marcus wrested his wrist out of Nora's grip.He'd achieved his goal.Silence descended upon the room. 500 million dollars was enough for them to invest in yet another Centurion Garden."Let me see that contract!" Nora grabbed the contract and scrutinized every word. The more she read, the redder her face became. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she saw that Globestone Investments had already signed and stamped the contract."That's impossible. How could Globestone Investments actually give you this amount of money? That contract has to be a fake one!" Luke looked like a madman as he grabbed the contract. The veins on his forehead protruded, making him look rather menacing. A few minutes later, he burst into derisive laughter. "You've got guts, Vivian! Don't you know forging a contract is against the law? You could go to jail for this!" He slam
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