Chapter 1745 Distrusting the Host

A week later, Beto received the first letter from his children. He smiles and his eyes fill with tears.

“So, dear, how are they?” Teresa approaches her beloved.

They are in one of the living rooms of the Rocha Mansion as guests. Beto delights in the soft upholstery of the sofa.

Beto responds, “They ate the expected chocolate cake, Grandpa Raymond welcomed them with hugs and kisses, Grandma Cristina and Seu Moacyr visited them too... and Mom Pamela is working as an executive secretary.”

The last part of the letter left a bitter taste in Beto's mouth. He is certain that Pamela is actually her boss's lover and that her position as secretary is merely a cover.

Teresa has the same feeling, “Well, the kids are at Grandpa’s house, right?”

“Yes, they are re-meting Junior. The boy must be gigantic.” Beto scratches his chin, “Sixteen years old, older than Caio.”

“Can I read the letter?”

“Sure.” Beto passes the letter to his girlfriend.

But when Teresa picks up the letter, she notices Beto's som
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