The Power Of A Billionaire Heir

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The Power Of A Billionaire Heir

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Due to his impoverished circumstances, Sean was consistently underestimated by those nearby. However, who could have anticipated that Sean concealed a multitude of mysteries? Furthermore, Sean deliberately assumed a life of poverty as a facade to carry out his vengeful acts.

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Boring Birthday
"What a boring birthday," Sean chuckled as he washed all the dirty dishes before him. The dirty dishes were like a small mountain. He had to clean up as soon as possible.Before, Sean didn't have to wash dishes by hand because a machine did it for him. Sean is now washing the dishes by hand because the machine is broken.Sean is not rich but very smart and gets to go to a really good college. He also looks pretty good, which helps him not look as poor.Sean is a really good-looking man, but because he comes from a family with little money, some rich men don't like him and bully him because they feel he's better-looking than them."Hey, waiter, why are you so slow?" Sean held back his anger. The man works as a waitperson in the school canteen and must remain friendly with all students."Sorry, here's your food." Sean immediately served the food he had brought from the kitchen."Ah, you are so slow." The man began to taste the fried chicken Sean served him. "What is this? Are you trying
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You're Only a Parasite
Immediately after Sean ended the call with his family, his phone rang again. “Yes, Caron, what’s the matter?” Sean asked softly. This time it was a woman Sean liked calling, and this woman was called Caron. Sean liked Caron because Caron used to feed him when he was hungry and had no money in his pocket. Caron twisted off the phone after saying, “I’m waiting for you at the mall now, don’t be late!” Sean, on the other hand, grinned at her. “Are you going to surprise me? Oh, my dear Caron, you are so sweet.” Sean smiled softly. Sean was sure that Caron invited him to the mall because she would surprise him with a very nice birthday. Sean headed straight to the mall to meet his girlfriend without stopping at his apartment first. Despite arriving at the mall 15 minutes late, Sean was still happy and had a pleasant smile. “Why are you late?” Caron immediately scolded Sean. At this time, Caron was waiting for Sean in the hotel lobby with a sullen face. “I’m sorry, I missed the bus ea
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Three Days
Sean, who was sound asleep, seemed to have to force his eyes open because his cell phone had always been ringing. Sean felt annoyed with the person who disturbed him so early, even though he wanted to sleep longer because the sooner he woke up, the sooner hunger would come to him. "Hello, what's wrong?" asked Sean in his hoarse voice. Sean was annoyed that someone was bothering him this early in the morning. "Can't you be polite with your father? You also don't want to thank your father for getting 100 million $ as your birthday present?" said an adult man from the other side. "Hey, dad, it's still early. Don't joke. It bothers me that you didn't send me that much money. You just made your only son a hobo out there!" Sean retorted fiercely. Sean thought that his father was delighted. All this time, his father had only abandoned him, so how could such an asshole become a good father overnight to him? "Didn't you see your account notification last night? If you haven't seen it, lo
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You Can Leave
“Why, of all people, do I have to meet this crazy woman here?” Sean commented to himself. Something disgusted Sean when he saw Caron on his beautiful morning. “Hey, are you not only poor but also dumb?” Caron insulted Sean again. The woman seemed unhappy that Sean could live. “It turns out that even five-star restaurants don’t have rules for not allowing an animal to enter here,” Sean quipped in a bitter tone. Sean would let no one insult him again, not to mention that the amount of money in his account was now very large. So Sean felt very capable if he wanted to slap Caron with all the money he had. “What are you saying?” Caron scolded. All this time, Sean always kept quiet when he was humiliated. Caron did not expect Sean would reply to him like that. “I said that the servants of this place are so bad that even wild animals can enter it,” Sean replied, crossing his arms over his chest. Sean also did not forget to smile and insult Caron, who had wrongly chosen him as an opponen
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Sean? Are You Crazy?
“The final spray, this is the real Sean,” Sean said, looking at himself in the mirror. The black Jaz with a semi-formal suit suited Sean. This afternoon, Sean remembered to stop by the barbers because his hair was already very long. Sean felt he needed to tidy up his hair a little. “I’m lazy, but it’s okay. When else can I see the hypocrites’ faces surprised?” Sean said with a horrible smile as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Sean hated the people on that campus. Not only his friends, but Sean also hated the lecturers who taught there because the lecturers never defended him. Even though he was right, justice never favored him just because he was a poor student. Sean’s family hid Sean’s identity well. Only the head of the foundation and the rector knew who Sean was, so the lecturers were not afraid to bully and maltreat Sean. Sean took a taxi to leave. He believed buying a car was a waste because he was a poor student at university and having a luxurious car would make
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I'll Kill You!
"Is he out of his mind?" said one man in disbelief, who had dared to challenge Sammy. "I think his brain is on fire," replied another man with mockery in his eyes, looking at Sean, who had just proposed himself. "Everyone calm down. Anyone who wants to perform is welcome here. I appreciate whoever it is because everyone who accepts the invitation is my guest," Karen explained, making the other boys dare not open their mouths to insult Sean because the man had acted crazy. "Sean? Is that your name?" asked Karen, and Sean nodded. "Alright, Sean, please come on stage. Friends, please clap for Sean," said Karen, and all the guests clapped their hands for Sean, who was now walking onto the stage. "Sean, what do you want to do? If you just sing, I'm sure you won't be able to beat Sammy." Karen asked. Karen didn't mean to put Sean down. "Can I borrow that piano?" Sean pointed to a piano at the side of the stage. "What else is that guy doing? It looks like he's setting himself up to be
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Who Are You?
"You're testing your patience too much, asshole!" Sean, who had previously considered Harry, not an opponent, has been provoked by his emotions. Sean, who originally wanted to play around, now eagerly wants to hit Harry so the man realizes he is not a weak opponent. Quickly, Sean beat Harry so that Harry's opponent became very overwhelmed. Harry's nose was injured, and the man's cheeks were also battered. Meanwhile, Sean only had a messy appearance without hurting his handsome face. When Sean wanted to finish Harry, suddenly, a large man stopped his punch. Harry saw that he felt that his guardian god had come, and Harry thought that the new arrival would come to hit Sean to avenge him. "Who are you?" asked Sean in an annoyed tone. If the older man had come to annoy him, he would not hesitate to make that man his enemy. Not long after Sean spoke, his phone rang. "Yeah, what's up?" asked Sena without looking at who was calling him. "Let that guy do the rest. Your hands are too goo
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Family Gathering
Sammy, who had been enjoying every puff of his cigarette, stopped abruptly upon receiving a phone call."What's wrong?" Sammy asked in a quick monotonous tone."I'm sorry Mr. Sammy, someone beat my son home. Can you help us find out who did it, because we've been trying to find out, but there's no clue?"Sammy fell silent upon hearing the explanation from his friend's father, who was smoking his cigarette at a leisurely pace."I'm sorry, what?" urged the person, calling Sammy."I won't let anyone dare to disturb my people," Sammy replied flatly. Sammy was currently thinking about which fool was trying to bully him."Thank you, sir." "Tell Harry to meet me tomorrow." Sammy immediately turned off his cell phone. The man now looked at his men, who were still laughing without knowing the true state of their friend.A man asked Sammy, "What's wrong, Mr. Sammy?" This made the other boys pause as they noticed that Sammy's face appeared flat. Sammy had even discarded the cigarette butt he ha
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Where's Sean?
"What the hell, Grandpa?" Sean got up and slapped the dining table in front of him, Sean's eyes staring sharply at Silly."Sean," Alvina scolded. Alvina did not want her son's image to deteriorate before her husband's extended family."Sean, can you just listen to me once?" Albert looked at his grandson with displeasure because Sean had been defying him, even though he only wanted the best for his grandson."But what do you mean, daddy?" Thomas stood up with his wife and son."Now you want to oppose me too, Thomas?" Albern looked at his son expressionlessly."I said from the beginning, this woman will only destroy the peace of our family!" Claudia pointed at Alvina.From the start, Claudia had a dislike for her son's choice. She believed that Alvina, a poor woman, was only interested in her son's wealth."Mother, please respect my wife." Thomas looked at his mother with pleading eyes; this time, he would not remain silent if his wife continued to be molested by his mother."Dad, if Sea
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Calculating Loss And Profit
"We just want the person who rented this apartment out and don't be scared, I'll pay for all the damage as long as that son of a bitch is out of my hands!" scolded Galen with a fierce face because he didn't want Sammy to get mad at him because he didn't manage to catch Sean."What are you talking about? Anyway, since last night, the apartment has been moved, and there is nothing left. You move a little to the side, and I will open the door for you." The security guard stepped forward and asked others to move out of the way."See, there's no one here!" The guards let the punks look and see that no one was there.Galen shouted in annoyance, "Oh no, that person already escaped!" as he punched the wall beside him."Where are we going? We can't help but tell Mr. Sammy this," said Jack, who was also annoyed that he wouldn't get any money from Sammy if he couldn't take Sean with him."We must be like that, whether we desire it or not."Shortly after Galen finished speaking, his phone began t
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