Chapter 1756 More Births

At General Hospital, Dr. Silvana is ready to receive Melissa.

She is wheeled on a gurney by male nurses. Kelvin, Alan, and Caroline go after her.

“Guys, from now on we'll take care of this.” Dr. Silvana raises her hands and doesn’t let the family pass.

“Can we wait in the lounge?” Kelvin asks.

“Certainly. Although we could have the company of the father.”

Elza and Vernon arrive immediately.

“Did anyone speak about the father?” Elza asks, “Go ahead, Kelvin, we'll take care of the kids.”

“Thank you, guys! Glad you came.”

“We call more people, they will come later,” Vernon responds reassuringly.

“Let's go!” Silvana guides the nurses to the maternity ward. Kelvin follows eagerly.

Alan turns to the grandparents, “I hope everything goes well.”

“Let’s pray so, little grandson.” Vernon strokes his grandson's hair.


In Teodoro's building, Flávia and Isabel are divided about what to do. The lobby radio is playing “Say You’ll Be Mine” by the Spice Girls.

“And now, mother-in-law, what do we
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