Chapter 1760 The Deliverance

Kelvin, Daryl, Francisco, Rodrigo, and Josias watch the newborn twins in the maternity ward. Mary's crib is pink with a pink blanket covering her. A nurse is placing Ignacio covered in a blue blanket in an equally blue crib next to Mary.

“Look at this, guys, how cute...” Kelvin is crying with no fear of being mocked.

“Congratulations, little bro.” Daryl greets him by putting his hand on his shoulder, “They’ll be beautiful children.”

“I am already anticipating the stress.” Kelvin jokes, “My little princess seems to take after Melissa, so I'll have to buy a rifle to scare off the perverts.”

“And when Ignacio grows up?” Francisco joins in the game, “Melissa, take care, the kid is going to destroy women’s hearts.”

“If he takes after his great-uncle's beauty...” Rodrigo nudges his father.

Josias just watches the family interaction.

Uélton approaches, scandalous and clueless as always, “HELLO, GUYS!”

Gentlemen are nearly faint at the roar of the extravagant.

Josias puts his hand on his glab
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