Chapter 1761 Paris Has Lost Its Charm

A few more days passed. Brazil was shocked by the sudden death of Princess Diana in Paris, precisely where Simeon and Dora were.

The version of the song “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John made especially to honor the Princess of Wales was played on Brazilian radio stations.

Melissa rested on the Mountain Penthouse and followed the accident investigations in the newspapers. Meanwhile, the twins slept peacefully in their cribs in the room that had once been Caroline's.

Kelvin comments, “My, Diane must be doubly sad. She joked about the coincidence of names.”

“Very sad, Princess Diana has always been an example of a lady to be followed.” Melissa hands him the newspaper, “And how are our kids?”

“They are well.”

The landline phone rings. In the living room, Maggie was present and answered, “Hello?”

Across the way, in a hotel suite, Simeon was at the mouthpiece while Dora hurriedly packed her bags, “Hello, who's this?”

“This is Maggie Marçal.”

“Hello, Maggie, this is Simeon Campos. I unders
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