Chapter 1773 As Hunk as Josias

The next day, Katherine arrived at Rocha Constructions early and went directly to Tiago's office. But the finance director wasn't there.

Determined, she went to the kitchen and found Tiago sipping a cup of coffee.

“TIAGO!” She exclaims, making the poor guy choke on his sip.

“Cough, cough!” Tiago almost drops the cup, but he manages to put it down on the table, “Phew! What is it, Kate? Do you want to scare me to death?”

“The only thing I want to kill is my curiosity.” Katherine closes the door, “Can you tell me what Josias has so important to hide about the death of José Augusto Rios, also known as ‘the loan shark’?”

Tiago is shocked and white as Michael Jackson. How did his master's fiancée find out about this matter?


At Uélton's house, Wallace met with the whole family at breakfast to announce that he is going to have a romantic relationship with Vera Reis. Everyone is curious.

Isabel encourages him, “We're all here, son. Tell us the good news.”

“Guys, please, I want you to un
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