Chapter 1775 Let's Avoid Misunderstandings

Tiago turns on his heel and faces a curious Katherine who doesn't intend to let the subject drop. And now?

“Young madam, please, do not ask questions I cannot answer.”

Katherine smiles, smug, “Your reluctance has already answered me.”

“Hey, don’t go out there—”

“And who said I'm going to the police station to report my darling?” Katherine asks passionately, “You don't seem to know me, Tiago. I love Josias Rocha! If he killed the moneylender, surely it was because he deserved it. It just pisses me off that he doesn't trust me.”

“This is definitely not a matter for the young madam.”

Katherine rolls her eyes. Tiago is looking like her butler and not the company's CFO.

“I just want you to know that the secret is safe with me.” Katherine nods, “Now I need to take care of this company’s image.”

“Thou shalt do well to keep thy promise.” Tiago warns her, “No one will do business with us if they find out.”

“On the contrary.” Katherine jokes in the doorway, “We'll double the number of contracts
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