Chapter 1790 Thinking of a Probable Promotion

Meanwhile, in Francisco's apartment, he is also being probed by his children about a possible marriage.

“Hey, little sister,” Rodrigo comments jokingly, “Are you aware that my father is winning the heart of the widow Freire?”

Francisco has an expression of displeasure, “Isn't there a better way to call her, son? ‘Widow Freire’ is so morbid!”

Veronica mockingly opines, “Believe me, Dad, it's better than calling her ‘Merry Widow’.”

Francisco can't stay angry with his children, so he decides to explain, “Guys, I'm not embarking on a romantic relationship with Isabel Freire.”

“Why not?” Rodrigo and Veronica ask at the same time.

Francisco is startled. Looks like they already approved dating before it even existed!

“I haven't asked her out yet.” Francisco takes a sip of coffee, “Actually, we barely have the intimacy for that.”

“That's because you wasted precious time in your life lusting after our aunt.” Veronica speaks with excitement despite the acidic words, “Now you can make up for the
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