Kung Fu boy

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Kung Fu boy

By: champion monkey OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Ten years ago, Andreas came to ancient China to learn Kung Fu on Wugong Mountain, but in the end he could not become a disciple of the Inner Gate, could not learn the real advanced kung fu, he went down the mountain with left a vow, twenty years later, his son will come to Wugong Mountain again and teach them what is real kung fu. Twenty years later, Andreas' son Bruce came to Wugong Mountain again, allowing them to witness the rise of the Kung Fu legend.

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384 chapters
001 Outside the door competition
There are countless secrets in ancient China, such as martial Kung Fu that have been in circulation for thousands of years. It attracts countless people to look for it, wanting to see the true face of Chinese kung fu.Built on a very high hill, the ancient Wugong Mountain is the birthplace of Kung Fu, where countless people dream of learning great Kung Fu.Up the mountain to pass through a sky ladder, the sky ladder to that cloud depth, the last face can be faintly seen Zushi Temple towering.This is the holy land of Kung Fu.It was the nineties in China, and Andreas had traveled far and wide a decade ago, worshiping Shanmen to enter Mount Wugong to study Kung Fu, only according to the rules of the Gate, foreign disciples could only be outsiders for the first ten years, unable to learn the highest Kung Fu, only to practice the Initiation Kung Fu, and in ten years' time had to defeat their contemporaries in order to gain access to the Inner Gate and learn the true Kung Fu.Only after a
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002 To win is to lose
There are also thirty-six rooms in Shaolin, in the south.China's Wugong Mountain is the same. Outside the Shanmen there is a basic boxing gym, teaching ordinary students, only really good seeds, finally have the opportunity to come to Wugong Mountain, to learn really good Kung Fu."Today's contest was actually more technical than Kung Fu, you can't hit too hard until the bell rings," Li told the pair."Disciple obeys!"The two men in the game responded in unison.Li said no more and everyone went to watch from the outfield.There are only a few people here, the elite of the Outsiders, who don't speak outside.Andreas and Lishan Sun looked at each other and walked to the Battlefield together."It's not too late for you to give up, Lishan Sun."Andreas believes in honesty, in winning and losing. He didn't learn the inner Kung Fu because he learned the Hurtful, but he delved into it day in and day out with his own unique insights."Brother, I will not give up!"Lishan Sun said, walking wol
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003 The ways of the world
His third trick, his winner or loser, was the Panther's Paw.Take Runningwolfrhyme, who increases his outburst to its maximum in an instant, when even a bull can be easily blown away with a single blow.In addition, the wolf has multiple running backs. He patted it, it was secondary, it was important to take it.That is, five fingers, bangs and claws, if necessary was a brief jolt after the catch.That constant energy, even a slap in the air, can create another chase.It is a move that opponents will never accept, and even veteran starter Lishan Sun is sure to be seriously injured.Lishan Sun was momentarily stunned!How old is the feud? Just a few moves, that's all? You can't catch an attack yourself.Fortunately, Elder Taishang had hit, he was as quickly as electricity, and the dragon's bone-searching stunt was a reference to his dragon walk.One step seemed to leap into the field.But when he saw the big hand of the Great Elder, he used his dragon claws. The dragon's claws broke the w
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004 Back to the ordinary
Huo Yuanjia, who no one knew about, was a first-class Kung Fu Surgery who went on to become a super-class fighter and a first-class master.Unfortunately, what he learned was limited, or he could have been a guru for generations.Although Huo Yuanjia is not the head teacher, his actual fighting ability is very rich.Most famously, Huo Yuanjia defeated foreign strongmen, defended China's honor and founded the elite martial arts club Guangda Wushu.So he was not only a national hero, he was highly respected, but unfortunately he died at the hands of the Japanese.Huh Yuanjia was a great man, but he also had a great father, Horndie, who fought in the early years and won clear victories, but eventually gave up on the feared Vajrapalm of his family and died of his injuries.Why?"Because it's his Kung Fu."Horn die is good at kung fu and his Vajrapalm even better. It just disappeared.Hoendy is the main Vajrapalm, do not hit people even if, once hit, too much force, will give the other side o
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005 Return
A class master who knows not only Kung Fu Gong, but also Kung Fu De, will be a good person, elegant.In this way, it is possible to reconcile up and down, unite the clergy, and make the denomination thrive.Not to mention Lishan Sun accepted the Kung Fu Inner Gate token with some hesitation and amusement, but Andreas Andreas did.As mentioned earlier, Andreas is an ambitious man who has always wanted to make his mark in kung fu.Become a true guru level guru.But the world, master countless, and how many people can become great gurus?Wants to be a master.Not only to have your own thing, but to have your own door, to get to the point.It was just that Andreas didn't realize that he was only growing up at home and it was hard.When he got home, he knew he had to leave.Instead of the Sect Leader sending someone to tell him to go, he should go now.Andreas' wife is Lin He.She is the daughter of Kung Fu Lin, a former head of Longmen Dart Bureau in Sichuan Province.Andreas and He Lin knew
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006 Family heritage
There is xenophobia in rural areas. If you are an outsider, when you come to this village, the villagers, no matter how hospitable they are, just treat you like a guest with Linhe's uncle, Andreas could settle there."Okay, pack up, we have enough money!""That's enough, you usually don't spend too much, and my dowry hasn't moved, besides, the the New Year's Eve festivities and some physical gifts for the the Disciples are ready and we can go home," Lin said unfazed, her dowry didn't say anything about making a home in the city, perhaps reluctantly, but in the country it wasn't a problem at all.If relatives went to settle in their village, there would be no problem.After packing, Andreas left the next day.He's reformed, but China has always been humane, so it's not a problem for him to drag it out for ten and a half days, let alone every other walk to the foot of the mountain, but see an old way of robes.YifanHu came to them'You going where?".YifanHu ask."Sichuan, this city."And
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007 Surge forward
But then again, how did Liu Feilong get to the Loess Village?But it starts at the other end.Many things happened in China at the beginning of the twentieth century, but there were many dangers hidden in the world, and Liu Feilong was aware of these things, so he decided to leave the city and go to the remote countryside.The job transfer could not be done on his own, so he called a friend to help."Well, I was going to ask you a favor.""Anything between us, go ahead!""I want to be a monk."Liu Feilong said quietly.A month later. Liu Feilong left the seat of the head of the regiment, at the speed of lightning, in The Loess Village, with XiaoYao's help, as a monk, because Liu Feilong has a lot of stains on his body. For example, he was a thief, if his sister went abroad, or to the America, whatever, it is foreign, it is a crime, and more importantly, his elder brother is a famous, under the dictatorship of the people's government dictatorship, Shenlong Liu.So many stains, in the st
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008 history
Unfortunately, the revolution came, and with capitalism 's tail cut off, the whole of China was plunged into a culture of"In that case, where was the money and what were the conditions to fill Andreas' body?Andreas couldn't even go hunting in the mountains, but he couldn't mend his bones.It was Liu Feilong's turn's turn. Liu Feilong became friends with Andreas, and when he was accepted, he began studying medicine.Dr. Kung Fu has been in the same family since ancient times.Those who practice body-building, such as Xi Kung Fu, often practice their body, so they know the pharmacology.When Liu Feilong was young, he did not take less medicine to replenish his blood, but more medicine to purify his body.Slowly, with enough time, enough medicine, enough time to recuperate, Feilong Liu finally managed to take Andreas, Old Bengal, and Lin He, both in their mid-Thirtiss, and Got their kids.'Hahahaha. 'Andreas cachinnation.Andreas was the first to rush in and take the child out, his old
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009 Bruce
"Liu Shenlong," Andre thought for a long, long moment before he came back to savor, "Oh, that swallow Liu San. I know he's a good thing, but it's a shame.""Shenlong Liu is like me, we are all from the Flying Sky faction!""That's chivalry, not theft!"Andreas said at once: "flying sky sent me to know, liu hong is a grand thief. He died that year, beeping the city for the empty alleyways, people who did not say goodbye to him! Even Shenlong Liu, I heard at first that he was very good, but then he fell."A bad reputation for us flyers. So, I'm not strong enough to be a teacher to your children" Liu Feilong said, "Besides, we know each other, and one more thing, your brothers are very good at Kung Fu, the Fourteen style, very strong!"Andreas said: "Kidding, of course my fists can teach my son lessons, but I'm not studying Kung Fu is not good enough in the division. I'd be a fool to let Baoshan go now!We've been friends for 20 years and this is not the first time I've spoken. You promise
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010 There are successors
Without Runningwolfrhyme, it was an uneventful move, just a little more than usual, but one he still taught his son.Nine years down the line, a normal kid, already too strong to be true.That day, Andreas decided he really had nothing to teach and sent the child to Liu Feilong.He had wanted to send it two years ago, but Liu Feilong pushed it back, saying he wanted to watch it for a while.After two years of procrastination, this year can't be any longer.With his son, Andreas cheerfully into the view, the old locust tree is still. Andreas has a feeling, this time, Qingyun Road will not refuse again.When he arrived, he happened to see Liu Feilong basking in the sun. Liu Feilong saw Andreas with his son, Bruce, and immediately understood what was happening. He wiped the handle and said, "Go on inside."A Taoist temple has opened in Loess Village. At first, Liu Feilong was just a Taoist priest here.But after all these years, this path, once a newcomer, is now a bystander.Liu Feilong'
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