Chapter 1812 Save My Wife

Caio goes to his grandparents' house. Dora is sweeping the living room to the tune of “Angel” by Robbie Williams, the new British singer who is stealing the hearts of Brazilian women.

“Beautiful music, huh, grandma?” Caio asks playfully.

“And the singer also is...” Dora answers without thinking.

“What did I just hear?” Simeon suddenly appears from the kitchen, shirtless, freeballing in wet shorts and plumber's gloves.

Caio bursts out laughing as Dora tries to fix herself, “Ehr... What is it, hubby, you know I love you. Even more so when you appear to me like this, all sexy, shirtless, and sensually wet...”

Simeon pretends he's not getting carried away by the mood, “Don't make it up, woman. That water is what was stagnant in the kitchen pipe.”

Dora was going to snuggle up against her husband's hairy chest, but when she feels the stench of dirty water from the sink mixed with detergent and grease, she wrinkles her nose and pulls away.

Caio is happier to see his grandparents acting like
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