Return Of The Dragon Lord

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Return Of The Dragon Lord

By: Snowwriter OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He escaped being a deceased and was saved by a girl at the brink of death, three years later he’s back to protect this girl and revenge on those that made him who he is. Read now to find out about Avon’s journey.


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166 chapters
Prologue/ Chapter 1
Prologue Avon took frantic steps out of the house, in horror of what just unfolded in his eyes. Back at where he ran from, were harmed men with matching outfits of black clearing out his family. He would have been killed, but he managed to escape after having taken notice of just one thing: the small skull tattoo drawn on the neck of those men. He made sure that was asserted deep in his memory as he scurried away, running with all of his might. He took numerous glances at the back and hoped those men weren’t following him. Heavy breaths and sighs slipped out his mouth as he finally took a stop to rest after getting to a dark corner. His thin body rested on the wall while gigantic balls of sweat rolled down his face. He peeked back for about two times before slowly sitting down and rethinking everything that just happened. Just this morning, Avon woke up happily with his family, everyone not expecting a situation like this to unfold close to the end of the day. Dinner was in prep
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Lorraine despite being a very good girl, has always being shamed, stoned and cast aside since she was birth. It all started since when she was little and her grandfather asked her what she would like to become when she’s grown up, and her response of ‘I just want a normal life with someone I love…’ she blabbed to him the fairytale life she wanted. From that moment on her grandfather hated her, for not thinking about how the family business would progress, and rather a normal life. He termed her bastard and marked her with hatred, the hatred soon traveled through the whole of Hales’s Household. Thus resulting in Lorraine to be hated, stoned, maltreated, bullied, treated like trash ever since she started her life. Nevertheless, she didn’t let all this get to her. However, it got more worse when she began schooling, everyone also hated her. And soon, she’s the most hated girl in EastHill. No one would see her and not pick on her and throw her a stone. All this starting bec
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Chapter 3
Chapter three Lorraine has never felt this peaceful and cared for since her little self gave a sincere response to her grandfather. No one has cared for her, none loved her, worse showed her some affection since then.She was deserted, maltreated, made her feel like an abomination, as if she was cursed, a disgrace and a shame to their family and their name. But then he entered into her life, filling all those empty holes at the small space of three days. She had never felt this cared for, no one has ever took care of her this way. He’s a blessing bestowed upon her. Her happiness for meeting him knew no bound. In the blink of an eye, three days had gone by. And those three days were the happiest three days Lorraine had ever experienced in her past nineteen years of her life, she replied her grandfather when she was seven years old where it all started. What response is expected actually from a little girl of that age with fairy dreams, if it isn’t just her grandfather being a balefu
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 A brief silence engulfed the whole atmosphere with all gazes focused on Avon. He had just spoke as if he had some power. Many directed gazes on him speaks about how worthless he is, “And who do you think you’re? The worthless retired soldier against the Wilsons?” Vance let out sarcastically, accompanying his words with a chuckle. Avon simply rolled his eyes, “Watch it get done tomorrow.” He affirmed once more, taking the hands of Lorraine they both head out of the villa. After leaving the Hales’s villa. Lorraine was still in tears. “Avon, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t even defend our marriage, I’m so sorry.” She cried out the more.Avon took her hand. “It’s alright pretty one. I don’t want your pretty face getting stained darling. All I have to do is get the Wilson’s to be on your side, and your family will have no choice but to acknowledge me as their son-in-law. They won’t have a choice but to give our marriage a chance. “It’s the Wilsons we’re talking about Avon. Don’t
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 “Oh no everyone, he is a retired soldier. He might perhaps know the cleaner working for the Dragon General, so maybe the connection can help in his dreams.”“I bet the cleaner doesn’t even wanna associate with him because he’s of no benefit at all.” “Problem solver should probably solve his own problems first.”They kept taunting him with mockery words. Avon knew who they saw him as, he knew how worthless of him they think. So he said nothing in defense of their jeers, and walked out of there in silence. Getting outside he brought out his phone calling his assistant. The latter picked on the first ring of the call. “Hello, General.” “I want you to send invitations to the Hales’s family for the party right now.” He said to him on the phone. “Noted, General.” And then the line went dead, Avon smirked at no one but himself before turning back and walking inside.Inside the villa. “So back to you Lorraine, before your useless husband interrupted me with his filthy laugh
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 The Hales were thrown into shock, surprise at what just unfolded. Murmurs were the first to seeped into the atmosphere, engulfing everyone as Lennox picked the envelope and verified it was truly invitations to the party. Not one but many invitations, and that means everyone in the family gets to go to the party. This is a dream come true for them. Going to that party would upgrade their status in the city, they won’t be seen as a second-class any more, instead as one of the elite rich families in EastHill, they would have the opportunity to blend and make a future in that party; aside the other rich families that are coming to the party, there main target was the Great Five. Getting into business with them is all they ever craved and wanted, and this party might just be the ticket to that happening. Everyone gaped surprisingly at Avon, everyone of them too seeming speechless and unable to say a word, and that also include Abigail and her husband who were just bargaini
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Avon got home at the urgent request of his personal assistant, he had said to him on the phone that he had an urgent important information to share with him. Stepping out of his SUV he marched inside his Villa, going straight to his office and sitting down on his chair as he awaited for the arrival of the one that wanted him to be back. He saw his house in chatter, and total disarray, with workers trooping everywhere and placing things in order. The party he was having was in arrangement. “Boss.” A voice called, entering the office where Avon was at. Avon raised up his bent head, acknowledging his personal assistant who had just come in. “Yes, tell me what was so urgent I had to leave where I was?” He asked, impatient evident in his voice as he gazed intently at him. “Well I have found the murderer of your family,” he began, stopping his words and starring at the General with the look of permission to continue. “Continue.” Avon stated, getting his message from his ey
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 At the Hales’s household was the entire Hales family gathered at the living room engaged in a discussion about the party they were all attending. Mainly talking about how they would have the Great Five Families notice them and initiate a contract or any discussion that leads to a deal with them. “Royce you go for the Wades, Oscar you go for the Jones, Vance you’re for the Wilsons, Charlotte you can go with the Stones. We already have the Parkers with us.” Lennox sat there on his private chair, assigning everyone to what they’re to do during the party, who to talk to and how to develop an interesting conversation. “About the Parkers, my husband and I have discussed something and we would like to tell you all about it.” Abigail announced suddenly from where she’s sat with her husband, her hands all over him and a dirty smirk playing on her lips. “What about them?” Vance questioned his niece sudden announcement. “Well me and my husband have decided to pull back the deal
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Abigail Hales Parker, a twenty five years old lady married to the first born of the Parkers; A well known and respected family, belonging to one of the Great Five Families in EastHill. She’s an arrogant lady with rude manners and foolish in nature. Disrespectful and likely termed mannerless. Most people refer her to the ‘Beauty without manners’. She’s a very pretty lady that indeed lacks manners. Abigail wasn’t like that growing up, the attitude and arrogance started when everyone started hating on Lorraine and marked her as a subject of bully. She became everyone’s favorite, even the uncle that wanted to hit her right now was among those that pampered her while growing up. Abigail wasn’t taught any manners, she’s made to believe that she can have anything she wants, and she can do anything she wants to anybody. Her grandfather gave her more audacity, always supporting her when she’s suppose to be corrected, always defending her where she’s supposed to be shamed
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 “You all are horrible, Abigail is no better than any of you. If speaking even, she learns from the best.” Lorraine had voiced out in anger, the least her family could do is just give her husband a chance. A chance to prove himself different, a chance to prove them wrong. That’s all she asked for, all she truly needed from them to give to her and her husband. But why wouldn’t they do that, why would they keep degrading him at any given moment? Can’t they look at the positive side of things? Is it that hard for them to do. “Lorraine-““No! Not a word from any of you. Not a single word.” Her index shot up, cutting the words that were too come out of Charlotte’s mouth short. She lowered her eyes in anger, traveling round the room with hate and disdain emitting strongly from her gaze.“This same man treated my face, made me look this beautiful, when it was you all that originally invented that ugly look. Or have you all forgotten all the horrible things you all did to me? T
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