Chapter 1817 Unpopular Matter

The following week, the cover of Maggiezine was on another subject, but there was a lead for an inside article about Katherine's questioning at the police station. Readers went to the indicated page and revolted about the situation.

As a result, countless citizens flooded police stations with letters of protest. At City Hall, the secretaries had their ears swollen from receiving so many curses and swear words.

Tobias is in front of the Chief of the Police Station, a white-haired gentleman with a face expressing more than thirty years dedicated to the profession of serving and protecting.


“Chief Kleberg, you need to control that sergeant of yours, Ivan Moraes.” Tobias extends the Maggiezine open to the article page. A huge photo of Katherine being led away made the Chief blush, “This can't be repeated. An investigation has become a media circus and my constituents are blaming me.”

“It's definitely not your fault, mayor.” Chief Kleberg clears his throat nervously.

“Good thing
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