Chapter 1816 Wallace gets permission

Vera returns from the psychiatrist with renewed spirits. Teresa is listening to the radio.

“And the information we have is that Mrs. Katherine Rocha left the police station flanked by Josias Rocha. The two refused to speak to the press. Ironically, Mrs. Rocha is responsible for Public Relations at Rocha Constructions, so we couldn't get any explanation. The Lagoon City Police Station also didn’t respond and asked reporters to leave. Now continue with our normal schedule.”

The radio started playing “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart),” but Teresa and Vera weren't thrilled with the Backstreet Boys.

“How absurd is all this, sister-in-law!” Vera slams her purse on the counter, “Will Josias Rocha ever find peace?”

"I'm glad it's Katherine and not Melissa." Teresa opines, “Can you imagine a lady who gave birth to twins facing such a challenge?”

Vera opens her purse and searches for a piece of paper, “I got the number of a male psychiatrist to help my Wally.”

“Hope it all works out, my frien
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