Chapter 1823 Everyone Is Getting Engaged

Isabel arrives home and hears crying coming from afar. She walks into the kitchen and is shocked by the scene of destruction.

“OH GOSH! What happened here? Hello everyone, where are you, folks?”

The door to the master bedroom opens and Flávia comes out, crying profusely, “Izzy... A tragedy happened.”

“What happened, my daughter? Where is Uélton, where is my grandson?”

“I DON'T KNOW!” Flávia kicks the china shards, “They probably went for pizza at Campos Pizzeria!”

“I’m waiting for the explanation.” Isabel crosses her arms. She already understands that her daughter-in-law is causing unnecessary drama.

“Reuben, even with me gesturing him to refuse, has decided to stay here with his dad!” Flavia talks like it's the end of the world.

But Isabel just takes a deep breath and goes after the broom, “Is that it? Problem solved, daughter-in-law. We can go to the capital. Ray Chaves agreed to host us for free.”

“Izzy, did you hear what I said?” Flávia turns to her with red eyes, “If I leave thos
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