Rise Of The Secret Trillionaire Heir

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Rise Of The Secret Trillionaire Heir

By: Rare gem writes OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"You're nothing. I regretted marrying you," "Let's divorce," That was the miserable life of Smith Wilson. He was humiliated and dejected by his in-laws, and he was betrayed by the woman he trusted, Georgina Miller. He was sent out of their house. He promised to have his revenge on the Rodriguez family after finding out that he's the heir to a trillion dollars asset.

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  • Leana Fe Lolin Lacsina


    Love the story. i enjoy reayit.

    2024-05-20 18:45:39
  • Jossie-Finnah


    What an amazing book. Loving the beginning already.

    2024-01-25 00:14:57
  • Snowwriter


    This is great book, enjoying the whole premising.

    2024-01-16 23:12:23
  • Bur_Berry 💞


    wow, interesting storyline

    2023-11-07 16:36:17
  • Engr Smooth Innocent


    excellent novel, and educative

    2023-10-04 15:01:05
  • Callme


    Nice book….new chapter update taking too long

    2024-07-13 09:14:48
  • Catty Wheels


    this story is super, so enjoying it.

    2023-11-07 16:38:14
  • Nene Flor


    i fell in love with the story nice plot kudos to you author.. keep it up!

    2024-06-24 22:57:24
  • btschoepe83


    you planning on updating to continue, or just leave it unfinished?

    2024-05-02 11:33:56
  • maybelater


    you plan on finishing this book, or just leaving it incomplete? in the past 2 months you updated like 1 chapter a day for 4 days. if you have no intent on finishing how about returning the tokens that have been wasted reading this incomplete book.

    2024-06-23 17:47:23
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141 chapters
Chapter 1: The Loan
"What do you want?" Smith lowered his head in shame as he walked into the well-furnished and air-conditioned office. The office looks expensive and classic. "Good morning, Mr. Adam," he greeted in a low tone as he walked closer to the bald man sitting on a swivel chair. "How may I help you?" Adam asked and stared at him in disgust. He couldn't hide how displeased and disgusted he was to see Smith. Smith was wearing an old-fashioned and worn-out suit which was patched on some sides. Everything about him was stanched of suffering and poverty. "How did this man enter my office? I'm going to fire the security guard for sure," he asked himself as he stared at Smith disdainfully. Smith, who understood the look on his face, lowered his head in shame. He was no longer surprised. He was used to the hateful and disdainful look from friends and even families. What did they expect? He was just a part-time cleaner who tried different shifts at many restaurants just to make a living.
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Chapter 2: The Humiliation And Devastating News
"I've trans…" he swallowed back the words almost immediately as he was about to spill out the truth.He wanted to tell them that he'd paid for the surgery fee, but on second thought, there was no need to tell them since they wouldn't appreciate his efforts. They were going to mock him instead. They could lay false allegations on him that he stole to pay for his wife's surgery.He couldn't forget how the entire family humiliated him last year during Olivia's birthday because he gave her a second-hand necklace from a store.She poured expensive wine on him, made him undress, and forced him to clean up while the family and guests watched.He snapped out of his thought and his gaze met with the cold and hateful glares on their face. He ignored their expression like it was nothing and shoved his old mobile phone into his pocket."What do you want to show us, you good-for-nothing human?" Madam Kate cursed under her breath. She glared at him with anger seething through her.She couldn't hide
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Chapter 3: The Result
Smith stared at the doctor for a while, shocked and awestrucked by his disheartening revelation. It wasn't had been disheartening if he was the owner of the unborn child in her.He can't certainly be the father of the unborn child in her. He could remember vividly that he'd never have sex with her before. They were just only husband and wife on signed paper. He sleeps on the floor while the wife, Georgina, sleep on the bed. So how did she manage to get pregnant? Who's the father of the unborn child in her?He couldn't ignore the pain that stung his heart as his nins reminisced on the questions he'd asked himself. Though she obviously doesn't love him, he couldn't believe she could cheat on me. Wasn't she cheating? The slight bang on the table brought him out of his world of thoughts. He blinked his eyes and turned to the doctor, who looked at him in confusion. "What's wrong with you, Mr Smith?"the doctor, Lincoln, asked as he stared at Smith who was lost in thought. "I'm fine.
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Chapter 4: The Change And Massage
Smith swallowed hard the lump that formed in his throat as he walked into the big restaurant which wasn't occupied with many customers like it used to be.He ignored the disdainful looks the customer threw at him. He can't take it to his heart since he's used to it anyways. He made his way toward his boss's office. He took a deep breath as he stared at the wooden door of his boss, Mr Peter, before him. He leaned closer to knock at the door but the loud voices coming from the office made him stop. "I need money, dad,""What! But I thought I had sent some cash the last two days. So why are you asking me for money today?"He shook his head with a sigh as he heard his boss daughter, Madelyn, in the office. It's obvious that they're at it again. "Because I've used it and I need it,"she replied nonchalantly. "What do you take me for? As your money making machine?""I don't know, dad. What is the reason why you're working? It's because of me obviously so why are you being reluctant
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Chapter 5: Breaking The News
"Huh?"He turned to her and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. He couldn't believe his ears. What!? His wife offer to massage his hand? It's really hard to believe her statement because she'd never show him care as a wife ever since they've married as husband and wife. He wouldn't believe her because it was a contract marriage. He didn't plan to but he didn't have choice since the Grandpa chose him for his first elder daughter. "So what do you think?"her soft voice brought him out of his thoughts. He looked up and swallowed the lump that formed in his throat. She is serious. He thought. Although he's yet to recover from the shock, he nodded his head affirmatively to her statement. "Yes…"though he wanted to speak firmly but his voice shook the moment he uttered the word. He can't possibly lose the chance. A massage from his wife. "Okay. Wait while I get the balm,"she said, stood up from the chair and walked to the cabinet on the floor. He couldn't believe his eyes as she ret
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Chapter 6: The Threat
"What!"Georgia lowered her head in fear as she stared at the angry looks on their faces. Madam Kate's expression suddenly turned cold and stoic. She looked up at Georgia who averted her angry gaze. Pregnant? With who? She doesn't want to believe it was with Smith. She wouldn't dare get pregnant with him. "What's wrong with you? What are you saying?"Olivia asked as she dragged her into a place beside the hall room. "Nothing is wrong with me. I'm pregnant mum,"she muttered with her voice laced with pain and sadness. "With how? How can you get pregnant now?"her mother asked in an angry tone. She scoffed loudly and rolled her eyes at her mother. "What do you mean? I'm old enough to give birth, right?"she grunted, and her mother shook her head with a sigh. "I never said you're not old enough to give birth,""That isn't the matter right now. I need to know who is responsible for the baby,""Mum,"she groaned, trying to mask the frustrated look on her face. "Who's the father of the
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Chapter 7: The Implication
Next morning, Smith yawned softly as he woke up from the slumber. He turned to the other side of the bed and sighed as his gaze met with the empty side of the bed. His wife wasn't on the bed. He wondered where she'd gone. She must have left her work, modeling agency.He whined as his wrist twitched in pain. A smile formed on his face when he remembered how Georgia massaged and caressed his wrist. Though her attitude yesterday was right, he couldn't help wishing for more. He wanted to be a real husband even though it's almost impossible. He exhaled after sniffing her whiff of perfect and intoxicating scent on the bed. His body reacted to the scent in such a way he couldn't describe. Though he wanted to forget and act like nothing happened yesterday night, he couldn't take the scene from his head. It's indeed strange to him that his wife offered to help him massage his arms and allowed him to sleep on the bed for the first time. It's a scene he couldn't take away from his head eas
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Chapter 8: The Disagreement
What!?Smith stared at her with a surprised expression, taken aback by her action. She hugged him with tears rolling down from her eyes. His shoulder was drained with her tears but he didn't mind it. He couldn't hide the shock after she hugged him. Why wouldn't he be surprised? This was the first time he'd hugged her apart from the aisle of their wedding where they pretended to love each other. He breathed in as her fragrance hit her nose. He made use of the opportunity and hugged her back even though he was somehow reluctant. She is his wife, right? He asked himself as he began to feel guilty for hugging her back in such a state. He felt like he was taking advantage of her. He stared at her and stroked her hair for a while until she sniffed back a bead of tears and stepped backward.Though the hug wasn't long, it felt so real and good that he wish she didn't stop hugging him. "What's wrong?" He managed to ask after stretching out a white handkerchief to her. "Thanks," she mutte
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Chapter 9: The Alternatives
Smith shook his head with a sigh as he stared at the old and outdated design of his in-law house. It's hard to believe that the second daughter of Madam Kate could be living in such a place. This is one of the reasons Georgia's mother, Olivia, is desperate to marry someone rich who can afford to buy her a good house. He shoved his hand inside his pocket as he passed through the hallway that led to their house. He wanted to turn and leave when he remembered how they humiliated him in the presence of Edward just because he couldn't visit and greet them with gifts. He shoved the thought away from his mind. He believed they might change since their daughter seems to be becoming close to him. And if they humiliated him like they used to, he would not take it to his heart since he's used to their insult and abuse all day. He suddenly stopped as he came closer to their room. He heard some familiar voices oozing from the house. He knew something could be wrong though he couldn't tell what
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Chapter 10: The Alternative 2
What! A gasp escaped from her mouth and she turned her cold gaze to her mother, Olivia. "What did you just say, Mum?" She asked in a surprised tone. She wanted to know if her mother was joking even though her mother's expression said it all. She was dead serious. "You heard me right baby girl so you should find something to do about this before it gets too late,""And besides, there's nothing you're going to lose if you choose to lose him. He's poor and useless. He's the family dog and good-for-nothing being…""That's enough mum," she growled deeply, and her mother scoffed then crossed her arms under her breasts. She is quite angry that her mother keeps throwing shade at him because he's poor even though he'd been trying his best to satisfy the family in one way or the other. His efforts are quite useless because he isn't rich and comfortable. Though she doesn't like him, she feels bad for him. She shoved off his thought and turned her gaze to her mother with a cold and hostile
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