Chapter 1822 Two Boys

At Uélton's house, Reuben doesn't know what to say to his parents. He is confused by Flávia gesticulating hidden from her husband and Uélton with an assuring smile.

“Ehr... I don't know.” The boy responds, “I wanted to go and see Rosemary and Pedro—“

Flávia rudely cuts him off, “You can't, son, I already told you that you have school to go to!”

Uélton holds out his arms, “Then it's settled. Let's stay home, just the two of us. It's going to be fun, sonny!”

“Really?” Reuben starts to buy the idea, to Flávia's dismay.

“Yes. Let's play video games, watch 'The Lion King', play video games, eat pizza at Campos Pizzeria, play video games, go to the beach, play video games...” Uélton scratches his chin, “Did I forget something?”

“Play video games!” Reuben holds out his little arms, fully embracing the idea.

“That’s it!” Uélton and Reuben embrace.

Frustrated to the max, Flávia waves her hand and knocks over all the dishes and glasses on the table. The deafening noise startles the two men in t
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