Chapter 1845 The Punishment

Josias continued with the eulogy.

“Uélton Freire, against the expectations of many, proved to be a great man, a great citizen of Lagoon City, a great husband, father, and son. We’ll miss him. I’ll miss you...” Josias smiles slightly, “Looks like I can no longer ask him to discipline your tongue. Incidentally, his last words were 'I know you love me the way I am'.”

Some women start to cry. Isabel wipes her tears with a silk handkerchief, smiling at the memory.

Josias can't take it anymore, “That's all, thank you.”

Everyone applauds. Wallace is proud of the speech honoring his younger brother.

The priest goes up to the tribune where Josias was and begins to say a prayer.

But Simeon and Dora are still bothered by the fact that William wasn't there...


At William's house, he is now showered and resting on the sofa. The radio this time plays the song “Say You Love Me” by Simply Red.

The door opens and Caio enters. He glares at his father.

“Son! How were the funeral and posthumous tri
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