Chapter 1844 Not My Father, But My Older Brother

Kelvin and Melissa enter the funeral home and find the other acquaintances. They greet everyone.

As they close in on Josias, Daryl snaps back to attention, but a wary look from Kelvin keeps the big brother from making a scene.

“Josias, I am so sorry for your loss.” Melissa says, “Uélton was always like a kind of younger brother to you.”

“Yes, until João Paulo came along.” Josias waddles in regret, “Why, even with João Paulo, I always cared for Uélton as if he were family, especially when Wallace was in jail.”

“Glad he left...” Kelvin says, “In time to say goodbye.”

Josias smirks, “The poor guy is thinking he should stay in jail as if he's bringing a curse on the family.”

“Well, I don't blame him.” Melissa says with a sigh, “First, it was the father who died two years before, and now, Uélton.”

“These are things that happen, none of it was premeditated.” Josias frowns, “I don't think anyone should feel guilty.”

Dora approaches them, “Ah, but there is someone who is symbolically guilty,
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