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By: BAD BARBIE INX OngoingUrban/Realistic

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After losing his mother, he fell from the grace of the wealthy and powerful. Maltreated by his own family, he is cast out into the world. His only hope of escape is his dreams of Oxford University. Unfortunately, his dreams are crushed. Unable to bear the heavyweight of life he attempts suicide, when a saviour appears offering him fame, wealth, money and Power. After he gains power and infiltrate the lives he must get his revenge and destroy them one by one. ------- Greg and Aries strolled back to their hostel, they decided to stay in for the experience plus Greg had made Aries his best friend "Alexander, who do you think the killer is?" Aries shrugged "It's probably some random stalker, that was obsessed with her. She was a pretty girl." Thinking deeply Greg seemed to agree "When I asked her to run away with me the stalker must have known." Aries nodded in agreement but then Greg blocked his path standing way too close to him he cocked his head to the side. A smug smirk on his face and a dark glint in his eyes as he said in a whisper by Aries ear. "Or Someone in the family killed her?" Aries clenched his jaw "Why would I kill her?" ---------- Leilani walked up to Viana "I'm sorry about what happened to your husband" Viana shrugged "Thank you, though I do not need your sympathy." She smiled "We are family and family cannot be divided." Viana nodded in agreement her eyes falling on Alexander who stood by their car as they arranged their luggage in the car. Leilani followed her gaze to were Aries stood. Viana embraced her suddenly Leilani was startled "Be careful, your husband is a monster."

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    Amazing read.

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chapter 1
Splash!The water dripped from his face, soaking his white shirt. His step sister laughed venomously. Admiring the cup of water she just threw at him. Her eyes raking him up and down, she licked her bright red lips."Stripe for me," she said in a coy voice, as he looked at her with a horrified expression on his face. He undid his buttons. She cocked her head to the side."I want you to do it on your knees," she sneered, walking around the kitchen cabinet. She grabbed herself a vodka, pouring it into a glass. Aries couldn't hide the disgust he felt, but he kept an expressionless face as he got on his knees. She watched him sipping from her glass slowly.Viana was losing her patience. Tossing her glass in the sink, she walked up to him and placed her leg on his shoulder. Her pink thong, disgustingly exposed in her thin nightgown, her nipples were very visible. He closed his eyes as she reached out to touch him. It irritated Viana. With anger, she used her feet to stomp on his face re
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Chapter 2
"NO!" the cold, heartless words still echoed in his head. As he held the list of chores for the day in his hand. He held back tears — painful, resentful, angry tears. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, deep in thought."What were you expecting, that he would care?. That he would be interested in your life in your education?" the voice in his head laughed at him. "It would be better for him if you didn't exist," the voice continued to mock him.He shook his head, putting on his headphones; he began cleaning. He swept, mopped, dusted and scrubbed the floors, cabinets and carpets. He did the laundry, avoiding any of Viana's under wears, then he did the dishes. On finishing his chores, he quickly showered, opening his wardrobe. He had only three white shirts and two pairs of jeans.Aries put on a shirt and jeans. Picking up his bag, he headed out for work. He walked briskly on the streets of the rich kids as it drizzled. He walked even faster. A sports car came towards him wi
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Chapter 3
The coin flipped in the air. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Aries closed his eyes, lost in thought. Was he scared? Yes, he was frightened as hell. Shaking in his boots?.Running screaming for help seemed like an option, but his life wasn't worth living. If he died right now, would he see his mom again? Would she be in that place people called heaven? He stopped breathing when he heard her cork her gun. "One.... Two... Three.." she counted. His heart beat wildly in his chest. Like, for fuck sakes, who was he kidding? He wanted to so desperately live. Even though he didn't deserve to, he just couldn't die yet. It wouldn't be fair. He broke into a cold sweat, jerking as a loud shot fired through the air. "Heads" the blonde girl said, a bit disappointed, a mummer of boos echoed among her gang of girls. Sirens wailed in the distance and the girl cursed under her breath. "The name's Army, A-R-M-Y." she introduced herself, a creepy grin on her face as a whiff of weed came off
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chapter 4
He closed his eyes, leaning in to kiss her.She placed a finger on his lips and chuckled, " Well, aren't we naughty?" she cocked her head to the side, chuckling softly. Which he found too cute. He looked away, embarrassed. He just attempted to kiss a stranger. What on earth was wrong with him this evening? She wanted him to live. His heart fluttered at the thought that there was someone out there who wanted him to live. What should he say? He tried to think? After his mother died, he entered a stage of depression in which he lost all his confidence. The lady seemed to notice a change in his demeanor. "I'll take my leave now, have a goodnight," she greeted politely, walking towards the doors. He sat in silence, thinking of how to speak. He had an internal battle with himself. Taking a deep breath, he yelled at the top of his lungs. "Excuse me, what is your name?" his heart raced in his chest, slamming against his rib cage as he ran after her. She waved him goodbye, a wide grin on
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chapter 5
The morning began with screams Aries had tossed and turned all night. He had an interview at oxford university today, and it required twenty-four hours of exclusive rest for his brain to function properly, but last night he barely got an hour of good sleep. His father and stepmother were preparing for their weekend business trip. Greg played loud music all night and since Aries room was the only one that wasn't sound proof he heard it all night. The bastard literally played rock and roll most of the night. Viana's snore didn't help the situation either, it was currently 3:00am and he was cranky as hell. Someone knocked his room door and he groaned in annoyance, dragging his feet towards the door. He opened it to see Suzy a little sleepy eyed. He bent down, picking her up in his arms. "Suzy darling, is something wrong?" Aries asked, noticing how early it was.Her big sleepy eyes looked up at him "I'm thirsty," she mumbled. He rocked her, taking a stroll to the kitchen as he fetch
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chapter 6
His heart was painfully beating in his chest as he fell to his knees. The interviewer didn't look pleased as he was indeed almost 30 minutes late for the interview. "Please give me a chance" he begged. The interviewer looked at him with contempt. The other interviewers seemed to pity him.The interviewers phone rang he picked it up, a serious expression on his face. He rubbed his chin adjusting his glasses."Interesting, I believe you will be useful" the impeccably dressed man said as he got off the phone. They began the interview."Brilliant, Mr Aries Cole. Your replies are accurate and factual, I look forward to having you in oxford" the interviewer was pleased so where the others.Aries breath a sigh of relief staring at the ceiling the world seemed to spin tears fell from his eyes. "Mr Cole" someone called "Is he bleeding?" another asked he lifted his finger to his nose blood stained his fingers. Aries smiled as he lost consciousness.The sound of the beeping monitors woke him u
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chapter 7
He walked into the new mansion he walked in a loud slap caught his attention. A young girl dressed in the most expensive attire slapped a woman he considered a maid."Do you know who I am?" the young girl of just eighteen he guessed barked. "I am Jerome Sharon heir to the Jerome fashion empire, when you see me bow in respect you little bitch do you understand?" the pretty girl asked grabbing a handful of her hair.A man dressed in a Kiton black suit walked down the stairs all the maids in waiting bowed. "Welcome sir" That's when I noticed some things. Beside him was a woman who seemed like a secretary. The house was beyond huge, with velvet black carpet. Silver and white arts pieces, sculptures lay around the house. In his house sat a very expensive painting, portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer II. I literally stared In shock how rich where this people, all the maids didn't dare look up so he instinctively bent unable to see the man's face."My princess is someone bothering you?" a woman
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Chapter 8
chapter 8He woke up the next morning to find the house in a mess. Bottles lay everywhere, some strange people were still sleeping around. A broken glass lay beside him. His head to the side of his face hurt like hell. He quickly chased all the strangers out of the house before cleaning the whole place.Unable to remember a thing from last night's party, he stared at the additional two scars on his face cursing under his breath. He step into the shower. Closing his eyes, scattered memories of last night haunted him. An awful feeling swelled inside the pit of his stomach as he listened to the shower drops.Throwing on a worn-out hoodie and jumpers, he jogged to the bus stop while listening to fake love by BTS. He didn't know much or anything about them but the song was recommended on Spotify and it was fire so he tried it.A text popped up on Aries's phone screen that made his heart beat rapidly. Opening the mail he saw the message. YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO OXFORD UNIVERSITY.He co
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chapter 9
chapter 9She moaned in response so loud, it echoed.Aries swore as he made sure to drown himself in her sex. She screamed, moaning helplessly. He didn't stop until he was satisfied. He choked her neck, dipping his finger into her asshole. He fucked her like the slut she was.She grabbed onto the chair for dear life, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her legs shook as he squeezed her breast, slapped her ass, and vigorously pounded into her like she wasn't human.He made sure they heard her screams throughout the whole penthouse. For everyone to hear what this mean assed slut did every day. The sweet pressure building up within him. As he hardened some more he used more force. His hands squeezed her butt and waist which was red from his vigorous slapping. He came in her wetness with a loud groan and she collapsed like a rag doll.Unable to stand, shaking she lay on the ground jerking. Shame, disgust, and irritation clouded Aries's thoughts. Not only was he being physically abu
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Chapter 10
"I said call off the wedding" Aries uttered sipping his vodka."Or what?" the man walked to the bar table picking up the glass Aries filled up him.Aries showed him the picture of Sharon riding him. He looked shocked for a moment but then he shrugged."What if I don't give a shit about this picture? Shat will you do next?" the man asked curiously."I will kill you." Aries threatened him, his eyes turning into slits as the man barked with laughter."You? Kill me?" he chuckled. "That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard." Aries didn't flinch at all. If he had to kill the pedophile bastard to save his angel, then he'll let the whole world fucking burn."You are serious?" The slow-headed pedophile finally noticed. "Do you know what could happen if you disrupted I and Leilani's marriage? Are you ready to spill blood?""I'd paint the world in blood if I had to," Aries growled and the man laughed again.The pedophile was amused. "Interesting. Very interesting. And why would you disrupt t
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