Chapter 1849 Will and Ivan

In the Teodoro Building, Beto was entering with a small package. He deposits the package on the lobby counter. The radio fulfills its function by playing the song “Never Ever”, by All Saints.

Teresa is attentive to the package, “What is this, dear?”

“Our wedding invitations. See if it’s to your liking.” Beto responds with a smile.

“If it's the way we ordered it...” Vera gets excited and quickly opens the package.

She pulls one out. The invitation, made on recycled paper and light green, said in elegant calligraphy that Roberto Reis and Teresa Robinson invite those chosen to their marriage.

“A pity that our parents are no longer with us.” Roberto sighs, “But I think the invitation turned out well.”

“It turned out wonderful, darling!” Teresa gets emotional, “I hope people accept the location of the ceremony.”

“It will be easier for a lot of people.” Beto says, “Shall we start mailing them?”

“Yes!” Teresa quickly pulls out the phone book to get the addresses of all the guests.


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