Chapter 1848 I Won't Pay a Penny!

The next day, William's door is slammed. Caio appears in plaid sweatshirt pants and a T-shirt, rubbing his eyes.

“Who is it?”

“Wallace Freire!”

Caio opens the door and Wallace comes in like a hurricane, “Caio, I’m sorry for intruding, but I need to talk to your father.”

“He is still sleeping,” Caio answers, worried.

“Yesterday the pizzeria was closed.” Wallace isn't asking, he's stating, “So he has every reason to be up early.”

Caio raises his hands, “I believe you want to talk about the renovation of the house.”

“Or the lack of renovation!” Wallace blusters, “My mother and nephew are still bothering your aunt.”

“I'm sure Aunt Melissa loves hosting Mrs. Freire and Reuben.” Caio smiles, “But let’s wake my dad.”

Caio turns on the radio and turns up the song “Everybody Get Up”, by Five, to the maximum volume. The song seems to have been written for William.

Behold, he appears in the living room with bloodshot eyes, in poorly placed boxer shorts, as he had slept naked, “WHAT IS GOING ON H
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