Chapter 1850 My function

At the police station, Amoreira was about to enter when he overhears the intimate and personal conversation between William and Ivan. He decides to keep behind the door. No one passed through the hallway, conveniently.

“Do you want to denounce Josias Rocha, Mr. Campos?”

“Call me Will.” William grins like the snake, “Yes, I have a complaint. I'm being forced to rebuild the big-eared house.”

Ivan is in shock at the information being thrown out anyway, “Ehr... Who's the big-eared one?”

“Who WAS the big-eared guy?” William laughs, “Uélton Freire, the imbecile who left the stove on, allowing gas to leak throughout the house. What was the report from the police and fire department?”

Ivan keeps embarrassed, “It was a domestic accident. According to the son's testimony, he lit a lamp, enough to cause a spark that ignited all the gas. An unidentified object hit Mr. Freire, causing his death from head trauma.”

“Well then, can you convince Josias that it wasn’t me who killed the imbecile?” Willi
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