Chapter 1855 Unsolicited Intervention

“Son, as you can see, Izzy and I started dating.” Francisco happily announces.

“Good, Dad, congratulations.” Rodrigo smiles, “Veronica will love the news.”

Isabel stands up, “I think we can talk to her right now. Is she on LCN?”

“Yes, she is shooting some scenes.” Rodrigo gestures, “Mrs. Freire, before you go, I have a call for you.”

Isabel is curious to know who called. She waves Francisco to wait and goes to the telephone set nailed to the wall.

“Isabel Freire, hello?”

On the other side is Jane, “Mrs. Freire, Mrs. Queiroz wishes to speak with you.”

Isabel waits attentively. Jane's tone indicated urgency and concern.

“Izzy, can you hear me?”

“Perfectly, Elsa. What happened?”

“Are you aware that Daryl Mountain wants to see you out of Mountain Penthouse?” Elza announces bluntly, making Isabel jump.

“What?” She widens her eyes, “Who does this young man think he is?”

“The head of the Mountain family, the one who looks out for the best interest of his ones, words from him before he left,”
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