Chapter 1864 Josias Authorizes the Biography

Melissa has returned to the Mountain Penthouse and is now venting to Dora. The radio plays "Because of You" by 98 Degrees, but the ladies don't enjoy the song.

“Mom, I was furious when I found out.” Melissa narrates, “So today I decided to go to the restaurant to peel Daryl. But Diane, as Solomon's wife, didn't want me to bother her husband with his work.”

Dora sips her tea curiously, “So you told her?”

Melissa smirks, “Yes, I left the bomb in her lap once she insisted. Diane was left to die when she found out what her 'busy' husband had done. Hopefully, this is the end of our troubles.”

“I also hope.” Dora sighs.

“I remember how Uélton and Wallace used to fight when we first met.” Melissa leans back on the couch, “I don't want the same thing between Kelvin and Daryl.”

“Sibling quarrels are the worst thing ever.” Dora declares with hidden intent.

Melissa got the message, “And how is William doing?”

“Your brother keeps unresolved and now blames Izzy for his misfortune.” Dora declares d
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