Chapter 1879 Twenty Lashes In a Public Square

In the Mountain Penthouse, Melissa stops Alan from withdrawing before making amends with Reuben.

Reuben gestures, “Hey, Alan, let's get back to being pals. It used to be so good...”

But Alan has murderous intent in his gaze, “You will never touch my sister, you perv!”

“ALAN!” Melissa grabs his shirt sleeve, “Apologize to your friend NOW!”

Isabel shakes her head and stands up, “It's no use, Melissa. Your child is not ready yet. We'd better come back another day.”

“NEVER COME BACK!” Alan yells, “I don't want to be friends with this clown! I don't need a klutz in my future company!”

Wallace is indignant, “Alan, remember that Uélton was an excellent electrician and head of the team. We never had problems with short circuits or anything like that in clients' homes.”

“That was pure LUCK!” Alan blusters, “My dad can count on it, but I can't!”

Reuben continues to stare at his friend without understanding anything. Why is Alan so nervous?

Fearing that her grandson will have irreparable trauma,
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