Chapter 1895 Not Knowing What to Do

Simeon visits the pizzeria and finds Caio throwing away a copy of Maggiezine.

“Hello, Caio. Have you... read this week’s issue?”

“Grandpa Simeon, don’t beat around the bush.” Caio sighs, “My mother is the most promiscuous and depraved woman this world has ever conceived. I don't know how Seu Ray and Dª Cristina endure this humiliation.”

“Maybe you should join the club.” Simeon tries to joke.

“I don't even know what his name is.” Caio pulls up a chair and sits down, “I mean... I have another brother. Or 'half-brother'. Lately, I've only been using that term to refer to everyone, while everyone else just uses the word 'brother'.”

“My grandson, you aren’t the only person in the world to have half-siblings.”

“But it seems I'm the only one in our circle. My dad has Aunt Melissa. The Mountain family has three legitimate brothers on Daryl's side and two more on Rodrigo's side. Jack and Octavio Motta are also blood brothers.”

Simeon smiles pityingly, “You are forgetting the main example.”

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